The Warsop Cinema, there it was GONE

Frustratingly I did not take a picture of the cinema that stood on the main street through Warsop and now it is to late. These pictures taken yesterday 12 February 2021 show piles of rubble are all that remains.

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  • Very little about this place, but pictures etc do exist and the interior was quite spectacular, it was every inch a picture palace, which like so many more, get turned over to bingo in the end, such a shame it was not kept, converted or something. There is too much of the fabric of our locality being tossed away nowadays and it’s such a shame.

    By John (19/03/2022)
  • I do have a photo, with Sid James, his wife, my Mother & her friend on the night.

    By Douglas John Kearney (12/12/2021)
  • Can you remember when Sid James came to the Strand?

    By Douglas John Kearney (15/11/2021)

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