Visitors at Methodist Church Play

While the photographer has captured all the performers in the play “The Stained Glass Window” at Nottingham Road, Methodist Sunday School, he has also included two young girls who were at the event – WHO ARE THEY

The Stained Glass Window -1950
Vallance, Mansfield

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  • I’ve just been looking again at this photograph of mine of the play The Stained Glass Window given by the children of the Sunday School at Nottingham Road Methodist Church. What wonderful scenery was made and note the very authentic costumes, great thought had been taken over these. I am the caretaker’s wife seated with my handbrush, but what I have just realised is that I am wearing an apron which my mother had made out of our war-time blackout curtaining with coloured braiding decoration. This photograph was taken in 1950 and the war had ended in 1945 so mother had found a way of recycling the material which was very dense to exclude any signs of lighting in the house. There are 25 children in the photograph and this wouldn’t be the extent of the number of children attending the church and Sunday School at the time. In later years I was married at this church and it is so sad to see how unloved and overgrown the outside has now become as it is up for sale. Fortunately it is a listed building and so won’t be raised to the ground. It will be interesting to see what it will become eventually. (Shirley Blythe nee Gardner)

    By Shirley Blythe (22/10/2013)

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