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Mansfield Museum is a key feature in our town which when it was officially  opened on 6th July 1904 by the Mayoress, Mrs J.E. Alcock. It was said that it was truly a ‘red letter day for Mansfield. [Link to Mansfield Museum a Brief History]

On Thursday 2nd February the museum held another ‘red letter day’ when it paid tribute to Liz Weston its curator for the past 25 years. The occasion was marked with a special celebration event in the museum.

Amazingly this celebration was somehow kept secret from Liz with ‘top secret’ emails and invitations being sent to the many people who attended and some who could not be there.



At 11am Liz walked out of her office to discover hoards of people and to be greeted by their applause. Somehow she managed to retain her composure and take it all in her stride as she greeted friends and colleagues from the past and present.










Formal Speech

There was a brief pause while formal tributes were given by Andrew Tucker (General Manager of the Palace Theatre), who said “There is the truism that actions speak louder than words. What you see when you look around you is testimony to Liz’s work over the past 25 years.

It has not all been an easy road. There have been many occasions when life has been an uphill struggle and she has had to overcome numerous obstacles. But Liz persevered and the result was the development of the Museum and the winning of numerous awards as can be seen if you look on the wall around the corner. [Link to page on 2011 Award] [Link to page Museum Wins Best Exhibition]

Liz has a supportive united team at the Museum and it is important to know that there is recognition of Liz and her achievements beyond the boundaries of Mansfield. Liz has been quoted in various publications. She is referred to for assistance with completing applications and she has even addressed various conferences. She has recently even been asked to address an international conference in Europe, if only we could find the money to send her there!”

Congratulations on 25 years

Andrew congratulated Liz on 25 magnificent years at Mansfield Museum and said that everyone’s presence showed the high regard and esteem in which Liz she was held.

An extra Large Card and gifts









More Tributes

Bev Smith, the Corporate Director for Regeneration at Mansfield District Council unfortunately could not be at the celebration but she has sent the following letter, requesting that it should be read out – this was done by Andrew Tucker.

“There are many people that can work a long time in one organisation…and never stand out from the crowd managing to go through life taking the easiest road possible….that’s NOT you!…..

 You are a shining example of an individual with real passion and commitment for your job, the Council and for Mansfield and its community.

I have never seen such enthusiasm and drive to make a real difference, from the passion with which you communicate the excellent offer the Museum provides, to the sheer hard work that results in a smooth running team all striving for the same ends. You have much to be proud of…..and Mansfield Council has much to be grateful for in having you as one of its key members of staff.

Thank you so much Liz for all your support and commitment and please be assured your efforts on a daily basis are seen, appreciated and provide inspiration for others.”

Time to Mingle with Friends, Staff, old and new

With the formalities over it was time for Liz to mingle and chat with people, and for everyone to enjoy a cup of tea a piece of cake.





























For the bright eyed amongst you who have noticed both 25 and 50 on the cake and card, we also say to Liz – Happy Birthday.


Photographs by M & P Marples

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  • Attending this celebration brought an additional awareness to me of not only how long I have been involved with local history, but of how throughout all this time I have received help and encouragement from Liz, and the museum staff. When in 1995 I produced a display on Forest Town for a history event in St Alban’s Church Hall, Liz saw this and as a result it then went on display in Mansfield Museum for a number of weeks. That was the start. Encouragement and friendship has continued, and it has been rewarding for both my husband and I to be involved with the museum ever since.

    By Pauline Marples (15/02/2012)

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