Woodhouse Library Paintings

I have come accross this photograph of a lady holding two paintings in Mansfield Woodhouse Library. The photograph is believed to be August 1981.

I have manipulated the paintings to make them more easily identifiable. Are they of somewere in Mansfied Woodhouse or were they painted elsewhere and just displayed in the Library?

Who is the lady?

Two Paintings
CHAD M4709 Aug 1981

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  • We now understand the lady in the photograph worked at Mansfield Woodhouse Library.

    By Editors (20/07/2011)
  • ref. paintings!! Top one I believe is Pogmores Yard,at the rear of the Star Inn, on Warsop Road. I believe a Blacksmiths forge was in the block. The lower painting shows the New Inn on the left and the gap between the 2 buildings is Spring Hill leading to Grove St. The shop on the right was Bedfords, a General Dealer The shop was demolished about 1934 and Fletchers bike shop built on the site, it is now a Beauty Salon. I don’t recognize the Lady holding the paintings but I believe the Artist to be J W Sims, who was a Trustee of the Trinity Methodist Church, Mansfield Woodhouse. There is information in the” Methodism in Woodhouse” book by Dorothy Coultan, a copy is in Woodhouse Library about J W Sims. There is a painting of the Old Hall by JW Sims in Turning back the Pages of Mansfield Woodhouse by Veda Kaye and Jayne Sheppard, a copy is in Woodhouse Library. Dorothy Coultan still lives in the area and maybe would know the Lady holding the paintings.I knew JW Sims brother but he died a few years ago, he had a daughter but she left the area on marriage, otherwise the elderly Chapel goers may know.

    By Tom Shead (19/07/2011)

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