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  • Sarah was born Sarah Wagstaff, daughter of Thomas Wagstaff, b. 1732 in Ashfield, Derbyshire, and Elizabeth Goodhead b. 1729. The 1841 census has Sarah as being born in Warsop in 1754 and she died in 1844. Sarah was baptised in Nottingham.

    By Janet Wells (28/03/2022)
  • Sadly, David Bowler, the originator of this post, died in 2011. David produced the most comprehensive family tree I have ever seen. He contacted me in 2009 as I was part of the Bowler tree. (still in Woodhouse) Sarah Bowler (nee Wagstaffe) is my 4xGt grandmother, one time landlady of the Star public house and lived in Pogmores Yard.

    By Grant Pearcy (18/04/2012)
  • What a delightful picture, can you tell us more about it and Sarah Bowler?

    By Editors (06/07/2010)
  • Sarah is my 4x Gr Grandmother, I have pictures of her son and grandson my 3x Grandfather and 2x grandfather respectively, I also have family tree for my Bowlers in Mansfield Woodhouse going back to 1263 and some of them are still there

    By David Bowler (06/07/2010)

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