Candlemas Cliff

Two more photos from the Museums Chad negative collection. Taken in August 1983 they just say Candlemas Cliff and leave us with the questions ‘Are they Travellers camping there?’ Are they the start of the Mobile Home site on Old Mill Lane? Where was the picture taken from? and where are the houses we can see?

CHAD T4842-14a
CHAD T4842-13

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  • The first photo looks like it’s taken from, or close too the entrance to Hill Crest Farm (as it called now), next door sort of thing. That bit of dirt track you see at the bottom of the first photo looks like the pull in from the road and the fields you see now have horses in them.

    By Pete Bennett (02/07/2013)
  • Candlemass Cliff overlooks the Maun and the flood Dykes from the Forest Town side. The Tall Trees caravan site stands on the site of the former Woodhouse Greyhound Track, just beyond the dog track was Mansfield Corporation Water Works sewage beds. The top photo is looking west towards the caravan site and Mansfield, the bottom looking east. The houses that can be seen are on the Peafield Lane estate. The scrub-land in the photos is contaminated with heavy metals from the sewage beds and can’t be used.

    By Berisford Jones (28/06/2013)

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