St Edmunds, Mansfield Woodhouse, School Leavers Group 1950

In the photograph, from back left to right are:

Back Row left to right are, Mr Eales, Colin ?, John Rowe. 

2nd Row, Alan Dale, Carl Bennett, Len Fisher, Keith Beastall.

3rd Row, Edith Holt, Janet Stringfellow, Margery Janney, Lucy Philpotts, Margaret Stirling.

4th Row, Margaret Gregory, Margaret Mason, ?, ?, Rennie Cox aged 15.


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  • My brother who lives in Australia just sent me a link for the Chad newspaper, been looking through the school photos, they’re great. I was at St Edmunds 1962 and then went on to Forest View. Are there any pics out there from 1966/1970 from Forest View? I remember Mrs Buy the needlework teacher and Mrs Pettinger the cookery teacher, oh and Mr Wooley who taught maths, all the girls had the hots for him, haha.

    By Freda Stafford (11/04/2021)
  • No Tom, that way my mother and step father would be wrong and that isn’t right. My Mum gave me the names, it may be she was mistaken about the people you mention though, it is, after all, a long time ago. Mum is still alive and kicking aged 86 despite covid.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (23/12/2020)
  • Hi Tom,

    Thank you for info. Can’t believe they are still around, it is so long ago.  Are you related to Ian and Steven by any chance?  Ian was in my year at Forest View in the 60’s.

    Liz Sansom

    24th April 2017

    By Liz Sansom (24/04/2017)
  • Liz! I think you mean Margaret Janney who was a Student Teacher at Yorke St Seniors in 1948/49 Margery is her sister. They are both still alive and still in the area. I got into trouble with Margaret about writing an account of Princess Elisabeths visit to Mansfield stating we were anti Monarchists, we got the stick from Mrs Simpson, Form Teacher.

    By Tom Shead (30/03/2017)
  • Really interested in anything to do with Mansfield Woodhouse!  Didn’t know that St.Edmunds also taught seniors.  Was it called St. Edmunds in 1950 or was it still National at that time? Also,  was the Mr. Eales the same person who taught me at Forest View in the early 60s?  Did the young lady called Margery Janney go on to become a teacher at Robin Hood Infants on Cox’s Lane in mid 50’s.  Think I remember a teacher with that name when I attended that school from 1956.

    Liz Sansom(Wagstaff)

    29th March 2017

    By Liz Sansom (29/03/2017)
  •  All Rows should be Right to Left! Alan Dale loks like Alan Ticker Davis off Lawrence Avenue. In front of Alan is Edith Holt who passed away recently, extreme Left is Margaret Stirling from Shelley Avenue, during the war we used to swap Tea for Margerine.

    By Tom Shead (13/12/2014)

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