Demolition Newcastle Street

No doubt these photo from the Museums Chad negative collection will bring back both happy and sad memories for some people.

Chad B+1869 18
Chad B+1869 19
Chad B+1869 20
Chad B+1869 21
Chad B+1869 23
Chad B+1869 24
Chad B+1869 25
Chad B+1869 26

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  • Are there any photos of the houses before they were demolished? My Great Grandfather/Mother lived at 23 Newcastle St in 1911. Just wondering if there was a picture anywhere. Thanks, Dawn

    By Dawn (22/04/2021)
  • Hello, does anybody remember my Great Grandparents and their children? My Grand father, Thomas Clarke, the same name as my Great Grandfather, Walter, Harold and Ivy who lived at 36 Newcastle Street during the mid to late 20’s. My Grandfather had one son, my father, George Clarke. Id love to hear anyone who knows of them or any stories involving them. Thank you.

    By T Clarke (13/06/2019)
  • Miss the area completely along with old Coke, Cross, Blake, Fletcher and Sherwood St, I know things move on, but I really don’t think that it is always for the better. You see such houses these days being renovated in other areas of the country and I am sure that this could had happened in this area too. I have spoken to old friends who used to live around the area and they have actually told me that they have been depressed since the so-called regeneration. Sad really

    By Paul (19/09/2015)
  • My granddad Sam Longson nickname (snowy), lived on Newcastle Street, Mansfield Woodhouse in the years after the war until he died in the 1970s. He had the bottom allotment on Welbeck Road, he had me selling flowers and vegetables from a barrow in the surrounding area for a few shillings a day, do any older people remember him? Brian Sales

    By brian sales (14/09/2015)
  • Hello again Peter, obviously this is Woodhouse (Woodus) and we lived in Mansfield, you did remind me where the Mansfield Newcastle Street was though.

     The older I get, the more I miss the old town, but what I really miss is the town of my youth, I can still vision the streets where I grew up like it was only yesterday.

    By Paul Robinson (24/05/2015)
  • My mother and father lived on the old Newcastle St when they were first married, my grandmother lived there also. I an also remember George Jelley from my early days, when he lived at the other end of Woodhouse, he was a well read, cultured and highly intelligent man, a gentleman in fact. He had an encyclopaedic mind, a great interest in local history, and social history. I once heard him speak about the Turner Memorial Hall, and how he though it was monopolised by the church, and insisted that it belonged to the people of Mansfield Woodhouse first and foremost. Should anyone else have any facts or information about this truly premier citizen of Woodhouse, I would be more than glad to read them. His contributions to various books I have read about the miners, and the 1926 general strike,  show life in a very different time.

    By John (18/05/2015)
  • Newcastle Street was rebuilt; it is off Priory Road in Mansfield Woodhouse.

    By Charlie Wheatman (17/05/2015)
  • Where was Newcastle Street?

    By Paul Robinson (16/05/2015)
  • Paul Robinson:- Newcastle Street is or was between Wood Street and Ladybrook Lane on the same side, it is or was directly opposite Beardall Street. I haven’t travelled along Rosemary Street for many years so I don’t know if it still exists, I’d certainly be interested to know if it does, I hope it does, I remember it very vividly from my childhood in the 1950s.

     I remember Newcastle Street very well from my childhood I delivered newspapers there from 1960 to 1962 for Dawes newsagents on Rosemary St. later to be taken over by Mr and Mrs Caulton who owned the business until the shop was demolished to widen Rosemary St.

    By P.Bowler


    By P.Bowler (16/05/2015)
  • Photo —-24, L to R Don Concannon, George Jelley, Vicar Dilwyn Davies, ?, Fred Hopkinson, last Clerk to the Council of Woodhouse UDC.


    By Tom Shead (16/05/2015)

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