Mansfield Woodhouse Library

The black and white photo is believed to have been taken in the very early days of Mansfield Woodhouse Library and shows the librarian Barbara (Rose). In later years Barbara worked in the library at Forest Town and the coloured photo was taken at her retirement party held at Forest Town. With Barbara (seated) are left to right Janet,  ?  , June – they were all known by their first names.

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  • I also remember the Woodus library being where the hairdressers is ,thats a few years ago .Maybe someone could remember when it moved from there to were it is now?.

    By Mr.G .Burton former Woodus Lad (21/08/2019)
  • The photo is of the old library. I was a member from a very early age (7) and I was allowed to borrow from the main library fro the age of 11 as I had read most of the books in the children’s’ section. It never seemed the same when it moved round the corner to the present site.

    By John Duckmanton (20/08/2019)
  • Well said John!! We go to the Library Heritage Link Thursday morning Catalogueing Ephemera, Photos etc and attend Friday mornings for coffee at the Sages table.There are plenty of events happening every week for Adults and Children. Last Saturday we had a WW1 Soldier dressed in uniform talking to the Children and Adults on subjects from a [pick an envelope] such as Trenches, Guns etc. The Children made clay poppies. There was a conducted walk around Woodhouse by Ralph Lloyd Jones  [local Library Historian] We have a very busy Library thanks to the Staff for organising events and the Old Woodhouse Society for manning the Heritage Link. We have volunteers most days helping visitors with their research, site is available, free of charge and Parish Records etc. Some local Photos will be on picturethepast, we have an A3 scanner to copy photos the public bring in and we will have a Photo printer for good quality prints. Hurry up and retire John, you are missing out, after all you are paying for the Library and not getting the benefit. The Old Woodhouse Society meet the last Monday in the Month at Turner Hall Lounge at 7 o clock and usually have a talk on a local subject.

    By Tom Shead (03/11/2014)
  • Tom, I am laughing my socks off mate.I have so many years of my sentence left retirement must remain a distant ideal, but the pleasure and constant information I have had courtesy of our own excellent library,and so many around the district,the county,and believe it or not,the country when on my various travels.I have gained a richness I believe not found in money. Books are pretty much easily available today, cheap, in profusion, which is good.For many this was not always the case and such places were a great place to educate oneself further,and a fine medium available to all. And with so much more to recommend it these days also,you cannot lose.

    By John (03/11/2014)
  • I have been a member of Woodhouse Library all my life, and with life as busy as it is nowadays get little chance to go there as often as I would like. But in years past I was never out of the place,and would like to pay a small tribute of my own to this lovely place, and the pleasant people who have always made it such a nice place to use. I firmly believe and have always believed in public libraries, and I hope that by the time I get off the merry go-round, I too will have the opportunity of being one of the old folk who spend their time there, as they do now. How any government in its rightful mind can even consider closing such valuable public resources is quite beyond my comprehension.

    By John. (23/06/2013)
  • The black and white photo looks like it was the old library on the High Street were Carousel is now.

    By John Allcock (22/06/2013)

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