Woodhouse National School

In 1811 a ‘National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales’ was set up by a group of churchmen.  The many charity schools it established were known as ‘National Schools’ because of the Society’s name.  Mansfield had several including Woodhouse National School which later became St. Edmund’s Church of England Primary School.

Class photograph, Woodhouse National School, c.1920
Mansfield Museum

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  • I posted a photograph of St. Edmund’s school leavers circa late 1940’s that included my mother http://www.ourmansfieldandarea.org.uk/page/st_edmunds_mansfield_woodhouse_school_leavers_group_1950 

    I attended St Edmund’s in the 1960’s when the headmaster was Mr Baker. Does anyone remember him?

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (17/04/2017)
  • I am certain that my Mother who was Doris Pogmore appears in this photograph. She is the girl 3rd from right on third row back with fair hair and a large bow at the back of her head. She was born in 1910 which would fit. I recall her talking of a ‘Mr. Metcalfe’ who was a favoured Teacher there. Perhaps he is in the photo? She never forgot how he took a group of them to the British Empire Exhibition in London which must have been quite an experience in the 1920’s.My Mother, on leaving School worked In Rouse’s Builders Office on High Street with the then daughter of the Rouse family who was also called Doris. 

    By John White (29/01/2017)
  • My mother was born Florence Liege Fell on 7th December 1914. I think she lived in Charles Street. Her brother and sisters went to the National School as did my brother Alan Wilkinson born December 1938. He is the only one [of my siblings] surviving.




    By Gerald Wilkinson (05/07/2015)
  • Hi Iris, We have a display of the National School in the Heritage Link in Woodhouse Library and loads of photos in the Archives. Drop in if you are in the area.

    By Tom Shead (05/07/2015)
  • Having discovered the Woodhouse National School photo I wonder if you have any previous or later than 1920 class photos as I am trying to discover my mother’s whereabouts as she was fostered by people in Mansfield Woodhouse and attended St Edmunds Church and, therefore quite possibly, the National School. I would be pleased to have a response. Thanks

    By Iris Eastgate (11/08/2010)

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