The Sutcliffe Family of Woodhouse,

Rose Ellen Sutcliffe, later Draper.
Glenn Sutcliffe
My Uncle Alf Sutcliffe, my aunt Edith 'Edy' Sutcliffe, my father Alan Sutcliffe, my grandad Frank Sutcliffe, my uncle Lawrence 'Lol' Sutcliffe in Pleasley Vale, circa 1935.
Glenn Sutcliffe
My father Alan Sutcliffe fishing in the river Meden after school with my aunt Doris 'Dol' Sutcliffe and my grandfather Frank Sutcliffe, Pleasley Vale. My aunt seems to be over dressed for a fishing trip!
Glenn Sutcliffe
The Sutcliffe family in Pleasley Vale, Raymond, Ede, Lol, Dol, their mother Rose Ellen, grand daughter Marlene, their father Frank, Alf, Alan, and their dog 'Lady' late 1930's.
Glenn Sutcliffe

My Sutcliffe family moved to Woodhouse from Alfreton. My paternal grand mother Rose Ellen Cumberland, was born in Bradmore, Nottinghamshire, in 1889. For reasons unknown to me, after school she worked in Alfreton and whilst there met my grandfather Frank Sutcliffe. Frank was born in Alfreton in 1874. The Sutcliffes, originally a Halifax family, had been living in Alfreton since the 18th century. Their menfolk were variously employed in practical occupations, bricklaying, stone masonry and mining. It was mining that brought Frank and Rose to live in Woodhouse. They lived in Shelley Avenue and raised a large family. My father, Alan, was their last child, he was born in 1930. Their other children were Alfred, Doris, Raymond, Lawrence, Edith and Frank.

My grandfather Frank died in 1940. Some time after his death my grandmother Rose married again to John Draper, but he was killed in an accident not long afterwards. Later in life Rose moved to one of the small bungalows in Hazel Grove. She died in 1985. All of Frank and Rose’s children have now passed away but there are, I believe, still some Sutcliffe offspring living in Woodhouse.

As a child ‘Gran Sut’ as I knew her, would take me for walks to Pleasley Vale, which she called ‘Littlewood’. She was a keen gardener, so our walks had a dual purpose, recreation and also collecting horse dung for her garden. We would take a wheelbarrow and shovel with us and scoop up the dung which in those days was plentiful about the lanes (1960’s). I remember the strong fragrant scent of Littlewood’s wild garlic and the bluebells and paddling together in the river Meden. I have Gran to thank for nurturing in me a love of the countryside that has never left me and despite my now living in Hampshire, I return to walk the vale every year.

Here are a few early photographs of the Sutcliffe family.


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  • Hello Peter, it is nice to know that the Sutcliffe name lives on in Woodhouse. Marlene died some years ago.
    I visited Carole, Uncle Frank and Aunt Rene’s daughter at her home in Crich in 2018. It was the first time we had met since our Gran Sut’s funeral and we had a good catch up.
    I was in touch with your Mum a year or two before she died and she helped refresh my memory of the family.
    Best wishes to you all, Glenn.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (16/04/2020)
  • I was born in Woodhouse during the war and lived in the prefabs in Mallatrat Place. I loved Littlewood and spent many happy hours with friends fishing and paddling all day. Bread and Jam sandwiches and bottle of dandelion and burdock. What brilliant summers they were. Never to be forgotten.

    By Mrs. Kathy Jankovic (28/08/2019)
  • HI Glenn
    You are right – there are still Sutcliffe family in Mansfield Woodhouse,
    Pam, Pete, Kate, Jan and Rich, all Ray and Kath’s children.

    Just Richard’s two lads carrying the name forward.
    Frank’s daughter still lives I think in Crich, Derbyshire.
    Not heard anything from Marlene for years, who I think was Alf and Dol’s daughter. Cheers Pete

    By Peter Sutcliffe (30/01/2019)

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