Whiteley Electrical Radio Co Ltd

The photograph dated January 1970 from Whiteley Electrical Radio Co Ltd childrens Christmas party was recently discovered by Joe Phelan who is working on the old factory site, Portland Mill building on Victoria Street, Mansfield, prior to the building being renovated and turned into flats. He passed it to me as I expressed an interest in the work he was doing on the site, my connection with the building was that I worked there from August 1966 to August 1968 in the Inspection Department and the Drawing Office.

Are you on this photograph or perhaps a parent of one of the children? It would also be interesting to hear any memories from former employees of Whiteleys.

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  • Hello I’m hoping someone can give me advice,
    Ive got a Whiteley golden jubilee box 1926-1976 with cigars in gold box small bottle perfume and a pen knife, the box is plastic with red velvet effect insert.

    Then I have a wooden box (thin) with El Petro DeLuxe clear Havana filled cigars, a cigar cutter and 2 boxes of Henri Winterburns inside, 1 has being opened and is missing 1 cigar.
    Can anyone shed any light on these and give me indication of who had them and why please?
    Gary Marston

    By Gary Marston (15/02/2019)
  • Hi Nick,

    Good to hear from you, does not seem like 50 odd years ago. Please keep in touch, did you live on Nottingham Road?

    Still in touch with Geoff Vardy if you can remember him

    All the best, StuartMallinder


    By stuart mallinder (31/03/2018)
  • Hi Stuart. I also had Cyril Lane as boss and I tested transformers in Transformer rooms 1 and 2 before I moved to the drawing office under Walter Fox. I left in August’68..

    Nick Eley.

    By Nick Eley (29/03/2018)
  • Hi Nick,

    I worked also in the II tested these test sets from 1970 to 1973
    at Whiteleys in the Set room with Keith Williams when we where part of the Inspection
    Team led by manager Cyril Lane. I left Whiteleys in October 73 to join Post office
    Telephones has a lineman then used these test sets to test lines in and out of the
    Exchanges. Stuart Mallinder



    By Stuart Mallinder (31/01/2018)

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