Clipstone Welfare Annual Outing 1968

What amazing photographs from the Chad archive.  I wonder where they were going.

Clipstone Welfare Annual Outing 1968
Mansfield Chad
Clipstone Welfare Annual Outing 1968
Mansfield Chad

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  • i was born and bred in Clipstone. My grand parents,(Sid & Maude Wigmore) lived in a nissan hut before the houses were built.Then they moved to 66 Forest Rd where they lived until they passed away in 1994 and 1996.
    I lived on King Johns Rd until I was 11 in 1968. My mum remarried and we moved to Leeds, boy did I hate that place, as soon as I left school i moved back to Clipstone.
    My brother Paul used to hang around Des Piper, and myself with Carl and Uno, they lived on 5th Avenue opposite the Welfare. I have very fond memories of Clipstone and live not far away to this day.

    By kev fletcher (01/09/2020)
  • The St John’s Ambulance man is my dad Harry Ridley

    By Jean Weaver (10/08/2019)
  • The two toddlers are Mandy and Trevor Kerry with our gran. The baby is Phillip Kerry with my mum

    By Mandy And Michael Dixon (30/12/2014)
  • Does anyone remember where the departure point was, Clipstone Colliery sidings?

    By Berisford Jones (13/08/2012)
  • If memory serves me we were going to Skegness, or it could have been Cleethorps. Vanessa is a facebook friend of mine, lovely lass, myself I have been in Florida for the past fifteen years but I am about to move back to Clipstone with my American wife and son.

    By Neil Bates (11/08/2012)
  • I also remember the Pipers well and my time at Clipstone. I moved to Chesterfield when I was 13, but Clipstone will always be home. I married Sue Beadsmoore in 1981 (who lived in the shop on Garibaldi Road) and we now have two grown up children. We still have family who live in the Clipstone/Ollerton area and visit regularly.

    By Mick Jenkinson (08/08/2012)
  • Knew the Pipers well, same school years as Tony, Sam Barlow & Garibaldi.

    By Tony Haywood (06/04/2012)
  • The Gorgeous baby is the lovely Vanessa Piper

    By Jo Perry (12/02/2012)
  • The man baby girl & boys were the Piper family, I think the boy at the back is Tony Piper, I hung around with his older brother Desmond. Lovely Family.

    By Pam Kitchen (25/10/2011)

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