Mansfield Town Centre

These photo’s reveal how busy Mansfield was on market day.

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  • Does anyone remember a sweet stall that stood outside Woolworths and was run by a couple called Jack and Eileen?

    By Elaine Erskine (22/05/2019)
  • These are fascinating, as someone who was born in 1984! I worked at Henshaw’s Furnishers on Stockwell Gate, which is still there and run by the family.

    By Thom (11/04/2019)
  • It has to be at least after January 1970 as Nat West Bank did not come into being until this date, I started work for them on 5th Jan 1970 and was told it was no longer National Provincial Bank, the company I had applied to. 

    By Linda Williams (13/08/2014)
  • This was the very scene on here 30 plus years ago when my mum used to bring me down here as a child. We got off the bus at the top of town “The Grand,” through the underpass (now filled in) and down Leeming street, past Syd Yates, Morley’s, Dickie Dirt’s, the Wise Owl Shop where such things as toiletries were always bought along here, and onto the market we went.

    By John. (21/03/2013)
  • The last photograph shows the outside of the Four Seasons (library) on the far right, which would date the photos at 1975 or later as the Four Seasons opened in 1975.

    By John Clay (27/02/2013)
  • Yes great memories of old Mansfield, 30 plus years down the line all now gone, buildings, smaller market and shoppers  and they say its progress. Giant retail stores taking over, and out of town shopping, what ever next the mind boggles. Great comments Angela

    By former "wodus lad" (12/06/2012)
  • I would have to agree with John, and date these photos to at least 1971. I think the photo of the toy stall and a box marked up at 20p gives it away, as decimalisation came in during 1971.

    By Angela Roche (11/06/2012)
  • The fifth photo includes a sign showing “20p” so it must have been taken in 1971 or later.

    By Greg Collard (11/06/2012)
  • Great photos and brings back memories. It’s a great pity the town market isnt like this anymore. Mansfield has always been described as a ‘market town’, sadly now with hardly any market to boast about.

    By Angela Roche (10/06/2012)
  • I would say these photo’s are from the mid seventies, the market is closed off, Westgate pedestrianised etc.

    By John Allcock (10/06/2012)

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