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Old photographs of Bradder Street appear to be very rare, thought  I would do a few sketches for those who used to live in the street, and for those who’s family and friends came from the street…

Arlington House, situate at the bottom of Bradder Street , facing Quarry Lane and the Viaduct...The house was built and occupied by the builder of the Houses on Bradder Street and the street was named after Mr. Bradder.
The Bay windowed houses close to the Railway Lines at the top of Bradder Street
View of Bradder Street from the Brickyard..
The railing at the bottom of Bradder Street..The railings run along that part of Quarry Lane..The viaduct can be seen bridging the River Maun

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  • Iv just discovered that some of my ancestors lived in Bradder St in 1939.Their name was WRIGHT and they lived at 55.

    Its nice to see the drawings of the houses.

    By claire taylor (02/05/2019)
  • Hi Rod, I worked with your Dad Marcus William Neale in the 50s/60s and remember you had a Humber Super Snipe car. Your Dad was very musical and we formed a Barbers Shop Quartet and used to sing coming up the mine shaft, happy days!

    By Tom Shead (16/09/2016)
  • Yes Graham that’s true they was on Bradder St till it was demolished,  my granddad would not leave even when the removal van came they had to carry him out in his armchair and he had to travel in the back of the van

    By sue moore (12/09/2016)
  • I have just found this page on the Mansfield site and am very interested as I lived in Arlington House in the late fifties. My mum and dad ( Ethel and  and Bill Neale) bought the house when we moved from Clipstone. The room that you say was a chippy was later to become my mums sewing room as she was a dress maker.We moved back to Old Clipstone when i was about 12 (1962)

    By Rod Neale (05/09/2016)
  • I remember the Scattergood’s Susan, the family was still there in the 1970’s 

    By Graham Parker (25/04/2016)
  • Hello Gary, In the 1940’s, your Granny opened up a Chippy in the front room, bottom right. You had to go through the conservatory, and turn right into the room containing the frying pans. All the family would have a go at anything. I believe your father Jim was a miner. Alan

    By alan curtis (27/02/2016)
  • Hi Gary, l remember your mum Marge and dad Jim very well.  l know your mum lived at Arlington House on Bradder Street but when l knew your family they lived next door to my grandmother,  she lived at No 17 and your family lived at No 19 Bradder Street. l remember your brother Dale very well my grandmothers name was Scattergood and my name was Susan Carr,  then l remember they left Bradder Street to live in Australia.


    By susanmoore (27/02/2016)
  • Yes  Arlington House bottom  of  Bradder St., I can say with pride I was born there, that was the start of my life. It was the last day of May 1953 my mother Margery Noble her maiden  name (Austin ) gave birth to me. The only memories I have is we lived on Ladybrook estate and that was for a long time I believe,  we moved to a house on the corner of, am not really sure but I think its Rosemary St., and Portland St., just  next to the school oval. If any one knows this area are the 2 houses and the school oval still there?  I am curious. 

    By Gary Noble (25/02/2016)

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