Shopping in Mansfield

It looks as thought the CHAD photographer stood in one place and just photographed the people coming towards him/her. These were taken in 1983, note the shops etc., how different is it all today?

CHAD T 2183-14
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  • Top of Stockwell Gate was the Belle View pub, run at one stage by Kit or Kathleen Needham, sister of Dorothy Hinton, I knew both well.
    Henshaws was started by Fred who worked for Bob Moss whose family owed Eyres, an electrical shop where the B and M is now, its a drab walk way now, the old Coop had its food dept. on Stockwell Gate.

    By Mark Wilson (09/11/2019)
  • Thanks for that Angela. I have seen a couple of these postcards from the early 1900s and I could agree with a printing mistake except my Aunt, who lived in the area from the early 1930s, always referred to the street as Crosswell Gate. I’m sure she can’t have been basing this on a mislabelled postcard so the mystery continues. Apparently it was called Stockwell Gate from at least as early as 1300! There must have been some local blip at the turn of the century and I would love to know what!

    By DIANE (09/03/2015)
  • I once saw a postcard of Stockwell Gate, which was labelled as ‘Crosswell’ Gate, and I believe it was a printing error. It’s always be known as Stockwell Gate, even as far back as Tudor times.

    By Angela Bramwell (13/01/2015)
  • Does anyone remember Stockwellgate being referred to as Crosswellgate? This would have been from the early 1900s into at least the 60s.

    By DIANE (12/01/2015)
  • Great pictures of “The Old Mansfield “lots of people would remember but sadley long gone. Pedestrian area also remember when traffic used the streets to gain access to the old shops on Stockwell gate.

    Happy memories and today’s shoppers would call it progress! nice to turn the clock back with such pictures. People in the pictures and the stall holders “Where are they now?”


    By Former mansfield woodhouse "Lad" (09/01/2015)
  • I will if I may like to answer the question ” Where have all the people gone?” The pictures like the ones above can all be seen at the supermarkets. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, it is now a fact of life for everyone who lives in the towns and cities.  The changes have been phenomenal. This is for everyone old enough to remember doing their shopping at the friendly corner shop, who had to carry their shopping (rations ) 100 yds or so to their front doors. Going into town on a Saturday  was something of an exiting trip, a change if you like from the tediousness of the weekly hardship of going to work.  With the added bonus of things being that little bit cheaper on the market stalls.

    So what happened to this way of life that we all used to enjoy?

    I’ll tell you what happened, “The Supermarkets ”, and from thereon, everything changed, it all sort of crept up on us.

    I, like 99% of us am a supermarket shopper. They helped change our shopping habits and took away the living that our corner shops survived on.

    By alan curtis (31/10/2014)
  • What has happened to the town? empty shops, nothing on the market, I don’t go into town much these days. Long gone are the days when you would stand outside the ‘pictures’ on a sat afternoon, but now no ‘pictures’ in town. The town like many has fallen to outside shops, the Tesco’s the Asda’s etc .

    By Pam Kitchen (17/03/2013)

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