Marsdens at Moor Street

My Grandfather, Wilfred Morley, was the manager of Marsden’s grocery on Moor Street during the 1930s and I have 2 photographs which may be of interest. One shows him inside the shop which shows how goods were displayed in that era. The other photo was taken outside the shop during the same period. My father, Eric, who was born in 1924 is the little boy in the photo. Also shown are his sister Joan and mother Polly (Mary) who all lived above the shop. Eventually my grandfather moved on to become manager at the Marsden’s in Bulwell. The shop in Moor Street is now a house, but the brickwork is still similar to that in my photograph.

Marsden's Moor Street
Brian Morley

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  • I remember Marsden’s from the 1940s into the 1950s when Harold Williams was the manager. My Grandmother, from 82 Moor Street, and my Mother, when we were living with my Grandparents, used to shop there. When we moved into a council house, at the top of Westfield Lane, my Mother continued to use Marsden’s. Harold lived in a street just off Westfield Lane and I used to take our order to him on a Monday evening, watch some television, a novelty then, and then catch the 103 bus back home. Our order was delivered later in the week, this pre-dated the supermarkets’ home delivery service by a good 40 years and all without the use of a PC, which then was just a police officer. Harold and his family eventually moved to Australia.

    By Martin Gorner (31/05/2015)

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