Albert Street Shops

Before the compulsory purchase, and relocation to the Temporary shops. One photo shows the shop frontages of (left to right)

Bakery – can’t recall the name, but Moon’s rings a bell?

Ripley’s butchers – the best Pork Scratching’s!

North Notts Farmers – my Dad’s shop.


Fred Dodsley – Tools etc.

The Black Swan at the top of Midworth Street can be seen on the far left.

The second photo is of Dad’s warehouse which was at the rear of Midworth St. I only remember it being one of the scariest places ever inside when I was small!


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  • I was a paper boy at the Evening Post on the corner of Albert Street/ White Hart Street. Wilf Featherstone ran the sweet shop next door. Jack Bennett had the paper shop a few doors along.
    The paper seller on the front door was called Harry. On Saturdays we would help him sell the Post as the supporters from the Stags came by. There was a machine at the rear that printed the football results on a blank section of the Post.

    By Bob Kirkpatrick (22/12/2020)
  • I recall years ago in the row of shops on the left, past the Victoria pub, there were the council offices, Finance, an opticians, a florist, Bentley’s Est agents, The Gainsborough Hat shop, Westby’s Florists, just next to the Portland Arms on the left as you face it, Countryscene, a high ladies fashion shop, and there was Frank Featherstone’s sweet shop around there too.

    By Mark Wilson (05/01/2020)
  • All in the vicinity of the Army Recruiting Office (mid sixties that is). This office moved to premises at the top of Leeming Street I believe, but I have no idea when.

    By Steeve Cee (29/12/2019)
  • I Knew Jack and Barbara who dad the chocolate box. Her parents started it. Barbara was born there, now Harrop Whites reception. Barbara told me Mr Collins a chemist had a buisness further along. I understand he lived on Nottingham Rd, I understand across from the methodist Church a gothic style building. I recall Megitts on the corner of Station St, and I worked at Cornucopia on the corner with Peter who was a friend, now Richard Watkinsons Estate agency previous Nottingham Evening Post office. I recall a seller at the door, a large paper then like the old Chad, Telegragh size, Mark Wilson

    By Mark Wilson (31/05/2019)
  • Was it Wainmans Bakery?

    Was it Harris before Fred Dodsley, I remember buying tools from a Mr Harris in 1952, he always came to work in  a Bowler Hat when he opened the shop.

    By Tom Shead (16/03/2015)
  • The bakers shop was Wainmans. My lunch was often half a dozen milk rolls, price 1d. from this bakery.

    By Michael Parkin (16/03/2015)
  • Looking at photo 2 it looks like part of what was Gilcroft House with the bay windows.

    The baker’s shop was originally Wainmans before it was Worboys in the 1960’s.

    By Angela Bramwell (16/03/2015)
  • You are all correct. It was Wainman’s Bakery. It was taken over by Warboys  early 60’s. Used to have there Bread and Cakes delivered from Lander’s Bakery. In their own wrappers of course.  Alan

    By Alan Curtis (16/03/2015)
  • The bakery was Warboys when I lived on Brunt street. I use to go to North Notts Farmers for ‘bedding’ for my hamster.I remember those shops with their creaking wooden floors.

    By Angela Bramwell (15/03/2015)

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