Blaskeys Wallpaper & Paint, Market Place Mansfield.

How many of you purchased your “in vogue” wood chip at 39p a roll from Blaskeys on Mansfield Market Place  during 1975/77. We used to have it stacked outside the shop in a 3 slot wooden trolley and sell it we did. On top of the sale of the woodchip we could then sell some emulsion, usually Brilliant White or Magnolia. The public always kept us entertained especially when one customer asked for some of “that there Mongolia paint for me walls”.

The Blaskeys shop was owned by Leyland Paint and Wallpaper and I had left my job at Emgas Lime Tree Place to become the manager. I remember two of the staff as Neeta, Senior Sales assistant and Janet in sales. There were two others but time has marched on and their names are lost. The wallpaper and paint stock was kept in a very manky damp cellar which, while I was there, was refurbished to make it waterproof and damproof. I wasn’t there long so can’t comment on how good a job was done. During the renovation a huge wooden beam was removed which I remember pushing up to the museum. Is it still there? The sink in the cellar regularly overflowed and the toilet on the first floor (accessed via the door on the left in the photo) was so disgusting we used the Market Place loos as they were better!

I occasionally delivered large orders in my Fiat 127 after the shop had closed.  Arriving home after one such delivery I sat down and thought I didn’t lock the shop door. I rushed back into Mansfield (from Booth ST, Mansfield Woodhouse) only to find the shop doors wide open! Fortunately it appeared nothing had been taken, the cash having gone to the night safe, so I casually locked up and said no more of the incident.

A good line to sell was flock wallpaper and you would see the purple version in local pubs. Expensive at the time but then we all had jobs. The standard lines we sold came from Graham & Brown a company still manufacturing to this day albeit serving a different market. I suspect pink floral bedroom paper is no longer a best seller!

Is the shop still trading?

Incidentally another shop I remember under the viaduct arches on White Hart Street was “James – at your service” Mansfield’s early version of Ann Summers.

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  • Jennifer, your mention of the “Hole in the Road” shop jogged my memory. I can’t remember the exact year but it would have 1976/7 when I was asked to manage the shop for a few days (can’t remember why), and the image of the football fans rushing past the shop on a Saturday is still with me. I seem to remember we had to keep watch on any goods outside as they were a favourite to be “nicked” by the fans!

    By David Holt (04/05/2022)
  • I worked at Blaskeys in Sheffield on High St. (Hole in the Road), 1964/69. My first manager was Mr Burgess then he went to the King St. Branch and Eric Fox came. I believe he lived in Nottingham. We often had visits from the Blaskey brothers and even had one of their sons working with us on a Saturday, his name was Ian Blaskey. Happy times.

    By Jennifer Ludlam (03/05/2022)
  • I remember Baskeys opening a wallpaper and paint shop on Belvoir Street, Leicester, in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Prior to the opening, a new shop front was installed extending up into the floor above. It was probably the most impressive shop front in Leicester at the time, it looked like an impressive cinema facade. The shop was operating for about 4 or 5 years. I never visited it, I was simply impressed by its frontage.

    By Brian Cross (07/02/2021)
  • I have already placed a comment about me working at Blaskeys.
    Just wondered if anyone worked there when Peter Gregson was manager as I mentioned before I worked there as assistant manager with Peter until I moved to take over the Nottingham branch in 1968, and left Blaskeys in 1972 to join Graham and Brown wallpaper manufacture until I retired.
    Blaskeys was a lovely firm to work for when it was the Blaskey brothers running the business. We had some great times and lots of laughter, in those days a girl call Joan was there, also Connie during 1959/1963
    Yes I can also remember the shop under the railway arches, the man who owned the shop was Derick, forgot his surname but he was also the manager of Blaskeys around 1966 for a while.
    Anyone else worked there during 1958/1963?

    By George Williamson (29/01/2021)
  • I George Williamson worked at Blaskeys 1959 to 1962 as assistant manager, then I moved as manager at Nottingham branch, I left in 1973 and worked for Graham and Brown until I retired.
    The manager at Mansfield when I was there was Peter Gregson, also Colin Eggington. Like to get in touch with Colin if he is still around Mansfield. If anyone else worked at Blaskeys same time please get in touch.

    By George Williamson (14/01/2021)
  • Don’t recall a ‘Maypole pub’, but do remember a Maypole shop branch adjacent (more or less). This shop was general groceries and was popular at the time as was the nearby Home & Colonial shop which offered similar stuff. Long ago now, I’m talking the mid ’50’s or thereabouts.

    By Steeve Cee (15/05/2020)
  • Can anyone tell me if there was a pub called The Maypole next door to Blaskeys paint and wallpaper shop in Mansfield Market place please?

    By Barbara Brown (08/05/2020)
  • I worked in Blaskeys wallpaper shop in 1968,good memories

    By Susan mary melrose(nee young (18/08/2019)

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