Landers Bakery

These two photographs were taken at the retirement of Eric Gibson.You now have pictures on the site of five of the original eight salesmen who worked for, and with Percy Lander, around  1945/46     Namely :  Kenneth Fearn. Edwin Heald. Eric Gibson 1947. Frank Townroe. and Harrold Riley.( left in 1947 ). Eric Gibson took over Harry Riley’s round 6 (Ollerton.) George Barlow’s photograph is on the Landers darts team presentation.

The top picture shows Ken Fearn.Eddy Heald. and ??.

The group picture  shows Eric Gibson , sixth from the left.

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  • Second on the left Desi or Eric Desforges the last sales manager of Landers went on to Stockton then Stoke then Leicester unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago

    By jim cairns (05/05/2011)

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