Mansfield Co-op, Payment Method, & Clock.

Does anyone recall the old method of payment at the store, this was a pneumatic compressed air tube system which made a lot of noise as the container containing ones money sped along through the tubes to the office upstairs, (I think), and then returned to the counter on the ground floor.

The container was opened and the receipts and change if any, were passed to the customer. Was this better than todays contactless method of paying? As a very young lad it was far more fun that’s for sure!

Were there any more large local shops which used this method?

The pictured clock was visible from Berry Hill Road when the building was completed (mid / late fifties)?, not to sure on the exact date.

Editors Note  We have added the photo found in ‘Mansfield’s Co-operative Advance 1864 -1950’

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  • Photo appreciated, I’m sure the clock I was referring to is the then new one (as the picture shows.) I believe that this replaced the original clock which was of the old fashioned domed variety. I will try to find a pic of the old one - if one exists of course. Thanks!

    By Steeve. C. (04/11/2017)
  • Yet more nostalgia story’s about the “Co-op” and yes can remember the  payment when one really handled any monies in those days. How times have changed for the “Co-op” even the building also, and the pub the “Queens Head ” now gone also. How times have changed since those “Co-op” days, can’t help what the  Rochdale Pioneers would think of it all. Lets not forget the “Co-op” divi, with those white receipts you were given after your purchase, mothers kept them to make sure the correct amount divi came their way, I’m sure that’s another story for the Old Mansfield Area people to add their comments .

    By G.Burton former Woodus lad (01/11/2017)

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