Four Seasons Shopping Centre at Forty Years Old

With the Four Seasons Shopping centre celebrating its forty years in Mansfield these two pictures taken by myself in the early ’70s depicts the construction taking place .

Both photographs shows others buildings in and around the area one being the old Harwood Cash Mills now called the Rosemary Centre, this view shows  how much area was given to built such a complex for the people of Mansfield .

My other photograph is of a building which was part of Westgate just past the old Granada cinema when became also part of the Westgate entrance to the now Four Seasons Shopping Centre, just can’t bring to mind who occupied this building but maybe your readers can bring to mind from all those years ago .

Do hope the photographs bring back memories to the people Mansfield from all those years ago.

G . Burton  former woodus lad

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  • Thanks for that Pete, quiet right about Packer Sports if I remember  the owner was Alan Packer didn’t know if he had any connections with MTFC .Small world and yet just with photographs memories come flooding back .

    By G.Burton(former Woodus Lad ) (07/04/2016)
  • Hello again. I think Barretts moved onto Leeming St. after West Gate. The sports shop on Regent St. was the Leather Shop, which later became Packer Sports. Barretts became Clues Sports and then Centre Sports. Coincidentally  I was looking through some of my old Stags programmes and both sports shops were advertised for most seasons until about 1984. The first one I noticed was the Leather shop on Station St. in 1958 then the following season they moved to 26 Regent St. Amazing what you can find out from old programmes.

    By Pete Higgins (01/03/2016)
  • Thank you very much for those comments Pete and Tom, yes come to think of it Barretts sports shop comes to mind now. I’m sure they finished going up to Regent Street on the right hand side looking up Regent Street , also and across from the Granada was a stall which I think was run by a Mr Cabourne of whom had had only one arm thought it was a fish stall but maybe not .Most of the stall holders knew every customer as they went to them every market day. Happy days once again thanks for the comments.


    By Mr G.Burton(former woodus lad) (29/02/2016)
  • Barretts was next to the old house and where the Library is now. In the 50s I joined Sutton Harriers and went to Barretts to buy my cross country running kit, I bought Dyson shorts, hockey type boots and asked for a Jock Strap, silence, do you mean an Athletic support Sir. I still have it, tucked in my wardrobe, is it a collectors item? There was a Wet fish shop next to the Granada, Coop confectionery and Coop paints shop, then a gap and then John Manners, I still have my hacking jacket, bracken twill I had made in the mid 50s.

    By Tom Shead (26/02/2016)
  • In the final photo one of the shops was Barretts sports shop. If my memory serves me correctly it was a proper sports shop, selling most sports clothing and equipment. My mum and dad bought me my first Stags kit from there for my Christmas present around 1962. They had to order it because at that time the shops only sold red, blue or white football shirts and the Stags had recently changed to the amber and blue kit. Another Christmas I had a Subbuteo football game from there, which I still have now more than 50 years on. Great shop, great memories.

    By Pete Higgins (24/02/2016)
  • Was the building shown in the final photo John Manners – Clothing Hall?

    By Geoff Barrows (23/02/2016)

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