Temporary Shops 1971

How many people recall these temporary shops in Mansfield, where they were and what they sold?

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  • My father bought North Notts Farmers business from Roger Hardy (he had decided to either retire or return to veterinary services I think). The shop was originally on Albert Street, but like some of the other businesses on that road (Fred Dodsley pictured) they were relocated into these cabins. Business wasn’t the same for most in the cabins, as they were tucked away and no longer could people park outside to load up there cars. Certainly my father had to close down by the mid 70’s. I think his was the second cabin from the right in the picture shown.

    By Phil Cox (20/02/2015)
  • Fascinating photographs, the portacabins were on the site of the bingo hall and the old Hippodrome can be seen in the background. Am I right in thinking that the partially demolished property (with the ‘blank’ window) is the western wing of the old Gilcroft House?

    By Darren Turner (09/02/2015)
  • Portakabins were opposite Victoria Hotel, top of Brunts Street.

    By barry (04/02/2015)

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