Mansfield Shops

As I recall Napoleon described the British as a Nation of Small Shopkeepers – as for Mansfield he was virtually correct apart from Woolworths, Marks and Spencers, British Home Stores and of course Mansfield Cooperative Society.

Within and around the Borough there were many small shops in the thirties through to the late fifties or sixties.

In fact there was an area in particular about a square mile that was rather dense in  having every type of shop that could meet your needs. That area was Carter Lane, Newgate Lane, Pecks Hill, Skerry Hill and Ratcliffe Gate, plus smaller groups on Nottingham Road, Bull Farm and the Chesterfield Road Areas.

Not counting the big cities it may have been a record for the small business and of course the market which operated on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays.


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  • Excellent post Malcolm, as stated some of the ‘pre supermarkets’ have long gone. The then Mansfield Co-operative  had many grocery branches in most areas and in most villages, serving the local community. Sad really when you think the Co-operative movement started the grocery shops. The “Co-op ” had loyal customers with the added “divi” and now all in the history books. The nostaglia bring memories flooding back. Todays generations know no different as shops and industries have long gone but memories live on.

    By G.Burton former Woodus Lad (22/05/2018)

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