Shops Known & Unknown

These are photographs I took over 20 years ago of shops in and around Mansfield. Some I can name, but the others are a mystery, maybe someone else recognises them. They may also encourage memories, especially ‘British Gas’ and the days when you could go in and query your gas bill!

No 1 - Unknown - 1989
No 2 - Unknown - 1989
No 3- Unknown - 1989
No 4 -Kiosk Rosemary Centre - 1989
No 5 - Unknown - 1989
No 6 - Co-op - 1989
No 7 - Co-op - 1989
No 8 - Co-op -1990
No 9 - Unknown - 1990
No 10 - Gas Showrooms - 1990

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  • Number 9 is the corner of Clumber Street meeting Leeming Street, you can see the reflection of the black and white paint of what is now the corner of After Dark across the road. Also opposite what was Elizabeth Morley. I was 15 when that shop had the Symphony Awning over it, it was there for a few years even though the shop changed to other businesses before it finally rotted away.
    It was also the Army recruiting place and a Gothic type shop selling smellies, jewellery etc.

    By John P (21/08/2019)
  • Gas shop..I’m sure that’s where virgin media who is now..

    By Sam Dallison sa (10/02/2014)
  • I recognise the Rosemary street centre news kiosk,and the window of what looks the former Co-op department store/Beales whatever it is now. And the gas shop,where as it was said,you could actually query your usage etc. All this seems to remind me that Mansfield is not the town it once was. As a child it was an adventure to go to Mansfield with “Me mam” esp when Clumber street was up too. Seldom go there any more now.

    By John. (19/01/2014)
  • Could number 3 photo be the Off Licence at the bottom of Sandy lane near the Sandy Lane club? The old Off Licence front has since been rebricked and does not look like it did in the photo.

    By Simon Leivers (20/02/2013)
  • Yes, I can confirm that picture No, 5 is Mick Radfords on Carter Lane Mansfield…… I’m his daughter :0)

    By Jane Radford (12/02/2013)
  • Photo 2 is definitely Rowlands Pharmacy on Newgate Lane – the ribbed panels beneath the windows are still evident today (photo 1 could be the same shop…?) and Photo 5 looks very much like Radfords, although the brickwork has been painted over since then.

    By Darren Turner (07/02/2013)
  • Yes Pete, Photo 5 is definately Mick Radfords Vac shop on Carter lane Eakring rd junction. I’m still sure Number 2 is Winstons Chemist on Newgate lane. And just cracked photo number 9 I think. The shop on the corner of Dame Floggan street and White Hart street as looking down towards the Swan Hotel

    By Simon Leivers (07/02/2013)
  • I think Number 2 photo could be Winstons Chemist on Newgate Lane, now Rowlands Pharmacy. Looking at the reflection in the window of the houses on the opposite side of the road their style is a very close match to the ones there now although they have been modernised and turned into flats these days. I think they were part of a builders merchants back then.

    By Simon Leivers (03/02/2013)
  • I think photo No,5 is Mick Radfords electrical shop on the junction of Carter Lane and Eakring Road.

    By Pete Higgins (02/02/2013)

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