In the Vicinty of Birkland Street to Redcliffe Road there was a row of shops that included a haberdshery, a newsagents and the post office. I seem to think there were one or two other shops however I may be wrong, but there was an hosiery factory managed by Grenville Keeton the son of Walter Keeton the Notts CCC and England.

On the opposite side of the road at the top of Gladstone Street was Lagers off Licence, which in those days we called them ‘THE BEER OFF’ this was attached to Lagers Social Club which was very popular.

I again have a problem with my memory but apart from Slacks Boot and Shoe Repairs and Winsons Chemists there may have been at least another one or two more. Next To Winsons there was a lane over which the LNER had a railway bridge – a popular rendevous for the men in that area to play Pitch and Toss – an illegal gambling game.

The only shops left as I remember were Burtons Grocers on one corner of Bowling Street, and another branch of Bramwells Butchers with a shop on the corner of Arthur Street a general store  Finally a co-operative grocers with a butchers on the opposite side.

On that side after the War I remember a DIY and crafts store (The owner used to visit The Westfield Folk House and give instruction to members of the Junior Section on a weekly Basis.

Regarding the Corner opposite the Carpenters Arms, the Co-op built a new store that had a curved front in anticipation of an improvement to the road.

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  • Just been having another browse, and now recall that the ‘CHAD’ newspaper also had premises on Newgate Lane back in the ’50’s. I also remember a fruit shop at the top of Gladstone Street (Newgate Lane end), didn’t know the owners name/s. I used to use Spencers fish shop quite often and indeed knew their son John back in the school days. Seems like only yesterday now! Had my first pint in the ‘Carpenters Arms’ just down the road a bit, Mansfield bitter, nothing but the best!

    By Steeve Cee (06/01/2022)
  • Half way up Redcliffe Road (looking up from Newgate Lane) was Allfrees corner shop which was run by a nice couple who’s first names escape me. Back to Newgate Lane, and somewhere just opposite Nellies shop (roughly), could be seen Crowders coal merchants. There were usually a couple of delivery trucks parked up in the yard at any one time. Early to mid ’50’s approx.

    By Steeve Cee. (10/05/2018)
  • This jogged my memory about sweets going off ration in ’53. We used to use the sweet shop on Newgate Lane on the way to the school, the lady who owned it was Nelly Henton and she loved it when the rationing ending – us kids were buying penny chews, black jacks and gob stoppers etc by the score. Good old Nelly, one of the best!  

    By Steeve Cee. (16/09/2017)
  • Hi Malcolm Stan Tassell had the woodworking shop, you forgot the gold mine shop next to Newgate Lane School, was it Nellie Henton, sweet shop, small OAP spinster about 4ft 11. On the 57 gazateer Pelham WMC 137/139 Newgate Lane. Spencers Fish and Chips, corner of Gladstone St. Dont forget Trent Motor Traction had the depot opposite St Lawrences Church.


    By Tom Shead (16/09/2017)
  • The newsagents was probably ‘Masons’ and in later years Bayliss’s. I had a paper round with Masons at that time. At the bottom of Redcliffe Road was the grocers shop ‘Marsdens’.

    The lane referred to was indeed popular as was the railway bridge mentioned. In the summer the art teacher, (Newgate Lane School), used to take us down there to paint or draw the bridge as part of our instruction – now that is a long long time ago!  Very early fifties in fact.

    By Steeve Cee. (13/09/2017)

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