Handley Arcade in Days Gone By.

These pictures show Handley Arcade in 1961/62.  Can you remember any of the shops in it?

Handley Arcade 1961/62
Mansfield Chad
Handley Arcade 1961/62
Mansfield Chad
Handley Arcade 1961/62
Mansfield Chad
Handley Arcade 1961/62
Mansfield Chad

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  • I have a vague recollection circa late 80’s of a second hand book shop in Handley Arcade above the cycle shop.
    My recollection is of tall book cases, holding no doubt the distilled wisdom of the world, which I completely ignored for the extensive selection of Commando war stories for boys comics.

    By Steve (18/07/2021)
  • When I was a pupil at Mansfield County Secondary Technical School on Sutton Road in the 50’s I used to buy 2/6p worth of chewing wood from the Health shop in the Arcade, I would sell it for a penny a stick at school, pupils kept sticking it in the ink wells so that ended my tradesman career.

    By Fred Newton (15/12/2019)
  • My grandparents ran the Borough Club and locked up the arcade at night. I remember their living quarters and toilet were on one side of the arcade and their bedrooms on the other side so when I stayed there I had to walk through the bar to get to bed!

    By Julie Brock - was Julie Moorhouse (13/11/2019)
  • Further to. This A Mr Strauther a barber had his buisness here, brother of Cllr R Strauther the outfitter on Church side opp St Peters, now a hairdressers, Bill I knew well, Mark Wilson

    By Mark Wilson (31/05/2019)
  • Interesting, I know upstairs was the constitutional club, the late Maurice Hill, of the Imperial Laundry was a member, I knew him well, I understand the arcade was once owned by the Hextall family.

    By Mark Wilson (31/05/2019)
  • Does anyone remember Edward Nappey who owned Babyland shop in the 1930’s to 1943.  We are trying to find information on our family Many thanks K R Marshall

    By Keith Marshall (16/11/2014)
  • I remember well the window full of bikes in what was “Graham Read’s” cycle shop, always very tempting, and being taken into the wonderland of make do and household economy “Sally Twinkles”. If they did’nt have it, then it probably was not needed. I believe the Mudford family owned the actual arcade at one time???.

    By John. (27/02/2013)
  • I suppose this was an early form of present day Shopping Malls with Leeming Street The Market Stockwell Gate West Gate who needed The Four Seasons and caused the the Demise of Local Trades People and to my mind the Character of the Town Centre

    By Malcolm Raynor (23/02/2012)
  • Handley Arcade, perusing the 1957 gazeteer I have found the following. Commencing at the Leeming St. entrance, Babyland and Mudfords, The Borough club [A Moorhouse] Millers business College, L H Ong arts supplies [ later to become Lyles, Knitcraft, WVS centre, Jones [herbalist and dietary supplies], Public Library binding dept.,Rubber Products, Mayfair Hairdressing, Walkers [Ironmongers] and Keeleys, Milliners. If you use the zoom facility you can read the names of products in the shop windows. The Arcade was opened in 1927 I believe, Mansfield had their Mall years before they became the norm.

    By Tom Shead (02/04/2011)
  • My memories go back to the 1940s of the Handley Arcade. The Leeming St., entrance shows the Baby Land and Mudfords, tent makers shops. Further shops on the Left hand side were Lyles, Photographers and art supplies, they had their own Studio, and Jones, Herbalist and Chiroprotactor. Around the corner leading to Toothill Ln was Mansfield Rubber Company showroom on the right side of the alley. The left side was a Gents hairdressers, very expensive and the last shop on the left side facing Toothill Ln was Walkers Hardware shop. I remember going in for a Tool Bass in 1952 when I left school, Mr Walker was about 80 years of age and served in the shop, he would disappear for about 10 minutes and one could hear him scurrying upstairs looking for the bag. You had to be very patient in those days. I know someone who has a 1958 Gazateer published by Linneys and will fill in the other shops names later.

    By Tom Shead (25/03/2011)
  • I can remember some of the shops inside the arcade from the 50/60/70’s. I was a child in the 50’s and remember my Mum & Dad would often take me to Babyland, the toy shop. Then in the 60’s I was an art student and would buy artist materials in Lyle’s, art supplies. In the 70’s I would buy haberdashery from Sally Twinkle’s. And Jones, the herbalist, I would buy my weleda shampoo. And I bought a riding coat from Rubber Products Supply Co. Peter John was the hairdressers. And Keeley’s was (and still is) the Ladies outfitter and milliners.

    By Angela Roche (25/03/2011)

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