Landers Bread Price List 1963

This was the then current price list following the launch of the new soft white loaf from the new travelling oven…This price list was distributed when canvassing for new business.

Landers Bread Price List

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  • Great comments about a local bread company sadly no more.Wasn’t their catchphrase “Landers bread oven fresh” even from other end of “Woodus” you knew when ovens were on at Landers, once again happy days but memories to reflect on.


    By G.Burton former Woodus lad (02/11/2017)
  • When I was at Landers the Xmas Dinner Dance was at Nottingham, I remember one year the Black Abbots were the entertainment they had just started up some of the people that were there I would imagine you would remember such as Jack Sevens, Frank Desforges [Dezzy], Pete Musgrove, Roy Wolley, Stan Gent, Stan Holliwell to name a few so many happy memories of Landers, a legend.


    By dennis wysocki (20/07/2014)
  • Later the ‘Xmas Do’ graduated to the Portland Building at Nottingham University, but again these disappeared as part of the cost cutting that went on.

    By jim cairns (04/11/2011)
  • Hello Dennis, I guess I must have just missed you at Landers. I moved from them to Lancashire at the end of 1966. I did know both John Halliwell and Stan Gent. and as for Beeston and Long Eaton, I was the salesman on that round in 1955. The year my wife and I were married. A man named Wyn Wheeler made our Three tier wedding cake at Landers, and it cost £6 -10s -0d. You reminded me of the Landers “Do’s”.  At first they started out as “Sales Dinners” for salesmen only. I recall going to The White Post and The Old England at Newark for men only dinners. Later it was decided to include wives and girlfriends to them. Two of these I remember, the venues were The Swan, Mansfield. and the other could have been The Wellbeck Hotel, Nottingham, but it was a long time ago!! I believe the last one I attended was at the Palais de Dance when the Carl Denver Trio were invited. must have been 1965/66.

    By Alan Curtis (03/11/2011)
  • Yes I started at Landers in 1967 as a van lad, I was 16 at the time when I started I was on round 31 which was Sheffield, my driver was John Haliwell then Stan Gent took over. Then I was put on round 27 which was Long Eaton and Beeston I think about 1969 thats when Mr Kipling Cakes came out if I remember right, it took over from Pandora Cake. Looking back I met some fab people. Back then drivers, van lads and customers, and the Xmas Dinner Dance at Notts - I wish I could have those days back the best job I ever had 88

    By dennis wysocki (25/10/2011)
  • Well no wonder the bakery was so successful, the range above is absolutely wonderful the amount of choice is staggering, but as in all these things the parent company starts to interfere and generally sales drop. Left to trade independently that might never have happened.

    By jim cairns (23/06/2011)

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