The Four Seasons

Bus Station - Car Park - Toilets - Exit
CHAD M6068-15 Jan 1981
Near the middle of the 'Centre'
CHAD M6068-16 Jan 1981
Stockwell Gate Exit
CHAD M6068-17 Jan 1981
From Stockwell Gate Entrance
CHAD M6068-19 Jan 1981
Debenhams Buy British Campaign
CHAD M6240-24 April 1981

These photographs of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre from 1981 show how many of the shops we took for granted have now gone.

[From left to right;]

Harris Carpets.



Boots Chemist (is this the only one still there?)



[Far Right] Van Allan.

(Down to Library exit)












__? Littlewoods.


Debenham’s Store with Miss ‘Debenham’ on the car and some staff members promoting  ‘Great British Value’ on their tee shirts.





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  • I worked in Jeff’s Fashion which was a men’s clothing shop, then went across the mall to work in Oliver’s shoe shop, still have my badge, they were brilliant times worked with great people, had loads of good times. I can remember when I climbed in the fountain, got wet through and had to dry my clothes in a dryer at the electrical shop next door to Jeff’s Fashion. Had loads of laughs with a guy called Robert who worked there.

    By Patricia Davies (Campion) (04/11/2020)
  • The toy shop queried as Zodiac’s, was Youngster’s at the time – I think Zodiac bought them out later on. Opposite, next to Littlewood’s, was Discount for Beauty, and I think next to them was a branch of Preedy’s for a while?

    By Virginia White (08/05/2012)
  • Slight correction Darren, in the picture the record shop is still Syd Booth, the name visible above the store. They moved and expanded (2 floors) the record business into the Four Seasons and converted the original Queen St outlet into an upmarket Hi-Fi shop.

    By Berisford Jones (16/08/2011)
  • Fascinating photographs. I would have been seven at the time…. The top photograph shows Revolver at the right, before it became part of HMV. I’d love to see what all the records in the window were. On the opposite would have been Sitals (Situls?) which sold fancy goods and was the only place I remember in Mansfield ever being able to buy Smurfs from. The photographs of the Stockwell Gate exit must, I am sure, show Zodiac toy shop which used to be a couple of doors down from Mothercare (although part of me thinks that at one time it was also at the far end of Four Seasons). I did a project at school in Design class to make a promotional leaflet for the Four Seasons and as part of it I made a map and listed all of the shops at the time. That would have been around 1988 and you’re right in that I think Boots and perhaps Debenhams are just about the only two that are still there.

    By Darren Turner (10/08/2011)

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