H. Pye & Sons Outing

This photo is of a H. Pye & Sons outing I do not know the date. I think it must be before 1959 as my Father is in the photo and he left to work at Landers bread about then. My Dad Clarence Stevens is on the left stood just behind the lady in the large hat on the front row. Also in the photo is Charlie Hayward stood extreme left and his wife May Hayward nee Corbett stood just in front and to the right of Charlie.

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  • I own a 1947 Morris 8 supplied new by H.Pye & sons. Not sure how to include a photo.

    By Bobbie Towers (02/06/2022)
  • Ref Landers Bread garage – late ’50’s early to mid ’60’s, garage foremen were Albert Rossiter and Derek Downing.

    By Steeve Cee (21/11/2021)
  • Another memory of Mr Clarence Stevens, thanks Peter, given the dates you quote I would have joined Landers not long after your Dad did. Nice chap and a pleasure to work with (for 3/4 years approx.)

    By Steeve Cee (26/12/2019)
  • Pyes in this case were just Mansfield based. The firm started I believe in the late 1890s or so, the firm developed into a family concern and all I believed lived on Park Ave, Mansfield near my aunt Rosie, many local business people lived on there, Frank Vallance in The Park like auntie. Any how Pyes continued, moved to Sutton Rd. I understand they weren’t allowed to sell fuel, the firm closed in the 1980s.
    The lady in the large hat may have been Miss E Pye, I can remember her although I believe she was a teacher at Queen Elizabeth’s, I recall her well, some family members weren’t involved, I think an Alan Pye became in charge, whose family in turn was involved, British Leyland got a bad name although maybe other associated matters finally bought the firm to closure, I recall it slightly on Clumber St.
    Windsor’s were of course the main car dealers, on Nottingham Rd. lasted out more than Pyes, although the premature death of Bob Windsor bought a start of that demise, I see one of the Pye cousins occasionally.

    By Mark Wilson (09/11/2019)
  • Is there any Pye and Sons information about Robert Noel Cavendish? He worked in Pye and Sons locations in Camberwell, Birmingham, Exeter and Bromley. Started work there in 1947.

    By Mark Freeman (01/10/2019)
  • Cyril Hodgkins was parts manager, started Hodgkins and Blythe on Wood St. I knew Cyril, Mark Wilson

    By Mark Wilson (31/05/2019)
  • Remember Harry Smith from my time working at Pyes

    By Andrew henshaw (24/04/2017)
  • Hi Pete, yes Charlie did work work for the Co-op on Victoria Street, Mansfield. Worked there as a transport driver for fifteen years plus if I remember a Harry Smith was is second in command as they say to Charlie. Great guys to work with and memories too. Good old days as they say.



    By G.Burton former Woodus lad (23/02/2016)
  • Re Above comment – I remember Uncle Charlie working at the Co-op I never knew he worked at Pye’s, I can’t see Mum on this photo unless she is the one standing 8th from the right with the white hat on.

    By pete stevens (20/12/2012)
  • Hi Peter, Dad did go to work in the garage at Landers with your dad, then he moved to take charge of the fleet garage at the co-op

    By Barrie Hayward (28/11/2011)
  • Peter, Only just come to me. Didn’t Charlie Haywood come to Landers with your father Clarry and work with him in the garage ? Alan.

    By alal curtis (11/04/2011)
  • Hello Peter. Remember your father, He was in charge of the garage at Landers. Looked after the vans and other things with his staff of mechanics. Remember him well, he was a great darts player…Liked him very much .

    By alan curtis (22/02/2011)

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