Beetons Cottage

Beetons Cottage on Bleakhills Lane how it looked in 1950s.

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  • Re the above comment, our post box expert, does not think it is a post box in front of the house. A suggestion is possibly a water pump.

    By Editors (09/02/2013)
  • The cottage is I feel the cottage on the right of what was to us in the 1940’s (Harveys Lane). In fact, there were only two cottages on the lane, one that stood back across from Bleakhills Dam, and surrounded by trees with a swamp land to the front. The other is the cottage shown in the Photograph. This cottage had the two gates across the lane, and as the photograph shows, beautiful roses all round. The reasons I claim to say this cottage is the one on the right and half way along Harveys Lane are: The railings that separate the front from the lane.There were no trees around the cottage. There is what appears to be an old fashioned Letter Box at the front, accessible from the lane. The cottage was close to the lane, with a small hedge across the other side of the lane. It was completely surrounded by farmland, all of which was farmed every year. I don’t know if the cottage is still there, I very much doubt it is. However, as for how it came to be called Beetons Cottage. Years ago, and I believe the cottage would fall into this category, places where one lived, didn’t have numbers, they were known as (their name) Cottage, House, Hall , etc. The names would be known to the Postman, who delivered the mail.

    By alan curtis (08/02/2013)
  • I’m currently gathering information through records and geneology and wondered if anyone knew how the name originated, obviously it’s interesting as it matches my surname?

    By D. Beeton (06/02/2013)
  • I have read the comments about cottage on Bleakhills Lane, and if I remember right there was a family who lived around there with the name of “Allen” two brothers who I remember well were, Tommy Allen, and Jack Allen. I can’t remember who else was in the family, they used to go to the same school as I did, (Moor Lane) if any one else remembers it would be lovely to share the lovely bygone days.

    By Eileen Leverton nee Curtis (08/01/2013)
  • Hello Alan, I remember the cottage on Bleakhills Lane, the one with the two gates if I remember rightly it was a little shop too. I’m sure I bought an ice cream there once on one of my walks from home down Sheepbridge Lane, Bleakhills Lane, round Kings Mill Res and back home. Happy days.

    By Peter Bowler. (17/12/2012)
  • Arthur, cannot make my mind up whether the cottage is the one across from Bleakhills Dam with the trees and swampland in front of it, or the cottage further along the lane with the two gates which were across the road either side of the cottage. One had to open then close the gates as you passed through. Bleakhills Lane to us was always known as Harvey’s Lane when we were young. Any idea why , and who might Harvey have been ? Can you also remember Steel’s Shop, across from the old Whitely’s Factory on Old Victoria Street ? I believe there was a small row of houses at the side of it called Curtis Row.This should test your memory Arthur…Regards Alan

    By alan curtis (18/07/2012)
  • This is where my wife lived before we got married.

    By arthur wright (08/05/2011)
  • Nothing in Mansfield looks as pretty as that any more, such a shame.

    By Pam Kitchen (07/11/2010)

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