A License to Drive

There would not have been many motor carsĀ around when this License was issued?

Oral history decrees that Thomas Smith hadĀ a Sweet Shop in West Gate, Mansfield, however I have not verified this.

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  • Alf Fensome’s butcher’s shop was on the corner of Kitchener Drive and Broxtowe Drive, next door to what was then the Mansfield and Worksop Cooperative store, later a laundry. I remember it from the 50’s and early 60’s when I lived on Kitchener Drive.

    By Laurence Taylor (25/02/2023)
  • Thomas Smith was a Mansfield Town Councillor who lived at 18 Bagshaw Street. By profession he was a builder and donated a piece of land further along the street on which the Free Library was built. The cost of the building was underwritten by a £750 donation from the Carnegie Trust. Presumably as a Councillor, Mr. Smith was “disqualified” from tendering for the job. When the Library was closed, Mansfield Borough Council, as it then was, put the building up for sale for £575. It was bought by a local butcher, Alf Fensome, who had it converted into a bungalow, in which state it still exists today.

    By Ralph Stone (08/03/2012)

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