Hi, My name is Michael Musgrove. My father, George Musgrove, was in charge of the fireholes of Pleasley pit up till he heard that the pit was closing. I remember Clarence Street where my Aunt and Uncle lived,  and Hillmoor Street. Me and my brother (Peter) used to go down Pleasley Vale and walk it from there to Mansfield Woodhouse. I also remember The Ritz cinema which is now a car showroom.

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  • Hi Wilfred. Couldn’t agree more mate. I lived at Teversal avenue but used to play up there. Was really good friends with Mick Mason. Alan who I think was your brother used to sing in my brother Gerard’s group Alan was good friends with Russ Quimby.   John Hurst. 

    By John Hurst (17/09/2017)
  • I was born on Hillmoor Street, then it was a lovely place to live in, the houses were owned by the Coal Board and they kept them in good order, then the Council took over and the place went downhill, that is when my mother moved to Woodhouse. 

    By Wilfred Darrington (10/04/2017)

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