Pleasley 1906

These two photographs show Pleasley 1906 – do you know any more information?

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  • Message to Des Singleton, You say you worked in the maintenance dept, Do you remember a heavy cast sawbench in the joiners shop? The top is about 5ft long about 2 1/2 ft wide,
    Well if you do, I have it. I bought it from a local farmer in 1987. I used it to saw up firewood. I powered it with a grey Ferguson tractor off the belt pully. This was when I lived in Mansfield Woodhouse. I now live nr Dumfries Scotland. I have just started this week restoring the saw bench. If anyone req any info please contact me. Alan Egan 14/10/2018

    By Alan Egan (14/10/2018)
  • I moved into the area (Meden Vale) in 2005 and was very interested with the railway systems within the area. I tried to acquire pictures of Pleasley Station and after 9 years I am no further forward. Can someone put me in the direction of any photos please.

    By joseph waterfall (14/10/2016)
  • For Mr Singleton or Alcock.  My Dad worked at the Mill running the boiler house 1959 – 1965 Joe Bert Askham.  My brothers and I used to tramp all over Pleasely Vale as we lived in No 5 Top Row, Keith Anthony and David, My mom was Olivia.   Would be nice to share stories and places explored. As kids we knew every square inch of the valley.  The train even stopped one day and the drivers gave us a ride to Shirebrook and back. we now reside in South Arica. rgds Keith (62) now.


    By keith askham (10/05/2016)
  • I actually witnessed the blowing up of the viaduct. I worked in Pleasley Vale mills maintenance department. A group of us left work [ unofficially ] and got as close as we could - it was a spectacular sight.

    By Des Singleton (02/06/2014)
  • Alison, there is another photo and it’s displayed at Pleasley Colliery, I have a low resolution copy on my Facebook Group Pleasley Living History

    By John Allcock (24/05/2014)
  • Just thought I’d give you an update about this photo.  I have spoken to the Midland Railway Society who tell me that the picture is of Meden Viaduct which was built in the early 1880s and opened for goods traffic by August 1882.   Apparently, passenger services between Alfreton and Mansfield commenced running over the viaduct on 1 May 1886.  These services were withdrawn on 28 July 1930 and the line over the viaduct was officially closed to all traffic on 4 January 1965.  Although not 100% sure, they think that the picture from 1906 which shows members of the Midland Railway shawing up the arches of the bridge with wooden supports was done because of the subsidence caused by the nearby colliery.


    By Alison Glazebrook (19/05/2014)
  • Message for John Allcock:  I am the owner of these 2 photos, but I’m afraid I don’t have anymore of further up the line.

    The photos have ‘1906’ written on the back of them both.  I inherited the photos from my Great Aunt back in the 1990s and, knowing that I have some ancestors who worked for the Midland Railway, can only assume that one of them is on the photo of all the workers.  I am trying to find out the names of the people on that particular photo.  Can anyone help?

    By Alison Glazebrook (19/05/2014)
  • I agree with the earlier comments but would add that I have an original sepia photograph which, except for one small detail, is the same as the second photograph. This is annotated in pencil by the photographer, Mr.H.Chapman, who lived in Pleasley as “1905” The viaduct had to be reinforced and the wooden framework stayed in situ certainly into very the late 1950s – unfortunately I can remember it well! There is a companion photo but this illustrates only the nearby river.

    By Ralph Stone (25/04/2014)
  • I would think if these photos from 1906 are of the Great Northern Railway which passed to the south of Pleasley Colliery and then headed north to Langwith Junction, the railway that passed to the north which is the older railway in the area is the Midland Railway which ran from Westhouses Junction to Pleasley Junction at Mansfield Woodhouse. Silverhill Colliery was also served by the GNR and Tervasal was served by the MR even though they were next to eachother. Pleasley was served by both the MR and GNR, both put sidings into Pleasley Colliery but in my living memory and I’m 67y/o only the MR connection was used.

    By pbowler (25/04/2014)
  • These photo’s are incredible. They date pre 1906 as the railway opened from Mansfield Woodhouse to Pleasley in 1886. This is the viaduct which was situated on Outgang Lane, it was spectacularly blown up in 1965 after BR structural engineers did a survey on it the previous year, saying it was structurally sound for the next 50 years, but as the railway had shut down it may as well come down. I would like to ask the person who owns the photo’s if there are anymore from further up the line.

    By John Allcock (23/04/2014)

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