These photographs taken in Pleasley on Sunday 29th May 2011 reveal how changes are taking place. Terraced houses that have housed families for generations will soon be demolished taking there history with them. Even the bright red post box is a sorry sight with its aperture blocked off.

Did you live at Pleasley? what memories do you have of this area?

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  • Just found this page while watching tv, went to Pleasley School from 1963 to April 1966 when our family emigrated to Australia. I have fond memories of school life at Pleasley, first girlfriend was from there, her name was Jennifer she had a sister by the name of Stephanie, who I recall had an accident when she was young and lost part of right leg, which did not slow her down in any way.
    Stephanie also taught me how to swim, What happened to the old school??

    By Paul Bromley (26/11/2021)
  • I attended Pleasley School in the 50’s. Mr. Smith was Headmaster at the time. One of the classes was held in the church opposite the street.
    I lived in one of the houses on Chesterfield Road. Above we had a view of Barnabus church which held a garden party one year with children dancing around the May Pole. Pleasant times fishing for stickleback with a net and jam jar. There was a grocery shop, paper store and baker’s store. Enjoyed a very simple life then, enjoying country walks. My sister and I always kept a close eye on the cows in the field.
    All the homes have now been demolished. I wonder if anyone has information or photographs of the area now? I now live in Canada.

    By Janet Waterhouse (28/02/2021)
  • I went to Pleasley Hill Secondary Modern School 1969 to 1973, they were the best years of my life, loved every minute there.
    We all looked out for each other, most of us had nothing but we shared everything. So sad to see the whole area changed.

    By Martin Zuerner (16/06/2020)
  • I was at Pleasley hill school same year as you Stephen Musgrove. Nothing left of our old school . Janet.

    By Janet Poyser (20/02/2019)
  • Been there a thousand times, recall the pub/s, Meden Square, and obviously the old terrace houses, half of Mansfield must have worked at Pleasley Colliery over the years. Another area to visit soon for an update on the developments.

    By Steeve. C. (22/05/2018)
  • Travelling frequently through Pleasley since 2011 when this page was published, we have seen many new houses built, and they are still being built. But the sorry looking post box (picture 2) not in use has always been there, that is until today 16 May 2018,  when we noticed it had gone. Where has it been moved to? has it been scrapped and another box such as a lamp box been situated amongst the new houses?

    By Pauline Marples (16/05/2018)
  • Work has at last begun it seems on the site of these former properties in Pleasley. Machinery is on site, and a lot of the surface area has been cleared off and large capacity concrete drainage is present, in readiness for drainlaying in the coming weeks.

    By john (13/06/2015)
  • Stephen Musgrove, I was born at 297 Chesterfield Rd North at my Grandmothers house on 13th June 1956, were we born on the same day?

    By Paul Robinson (24/05/2015)
  • Reading the comments make you think, why when people are poor in wealth they try so hard to pull together and seem so happy. What made such a lovely place become so derelict when society tried to help by giving modern ammenities and money to make life better? People maybe better financialy but they are not better spiritually!

    By Paul Robinson (02/11/2014)
  • Tracy Stone my Aunt used to live in 447. I was born in Clarence St in 1937 we then moved to 397 Chesterfield Rd Nth and then to 465 Chesterfield Rd . My parents never had an in side loo till I was about 22. I had one before they did. I remember electricity being put in to the houses, I thought it was magic to just switch a light on. We went to bed with candles, bricks heated up in the oven to warm the bed.. I look back now and realise what a great childhood I had children do not have the freedom now that we did. They don’t know what it is to go without butter or sugar. I really appreciate the childhood I had in Pleasley. Aileen Hickman ( now Cutler)

    By Aileen Cutler (Hickman) (28/11/2013)
  • Your correct June I lived at Teversal avenue in the 60s till 1969.Was good friends with Mick Mason was a great place opposite pleasley school had lot of friends who lived up there everyone was really friendly. Have great memories from back them Tommy Evans Melvin Regulski Billy Owen Sean Carr all good friends.went past a few years ago and could not believe it what an eyesore but will always remember the good times.

    By John Hurst (07/11/2013)
  • Hi, as a child I lived at 42 Hillmoor Street, that was in the 1960’s , we looked after our homes then neighbours mucked in and all got on. We left our doors unlocked not afraid of any thieves or low life’s. Many a good time playing out at night, Bobby Smith, Bacon’s, Musgroves, Bell, Mason’s, Crawford’s, Gallaghers I can go on. Life was innocent then and yes though Pleasley turned into an eyesore, it was later generations that let it become run down.

    By june holmes (25/09/2013)
  • I have only lived in Pleasley for 3 years up where the old pit houses were on Terrace Lane and my house backs on to the old pit itself. Its a fantastic area and I’m sorry to say this but the houses on the hill were an eyesore and them just being pulled down has improved the area no end.

    By jill millington (05/09/2013)
  • The Musgrove family lived at 371 Chesterfield Road (next door but one from the old chapel). I was born there in june 1956. Left Pleasley when I was 10 but still have great memories. Last relative there was my auntie Rose (Rose and Auther Stacey) who lived on Clarence Street. Passed by this site 3 weeks ago and was shocked.. 10 years of my past just gone.. So sad

    By Stephen Musgrove (23/08/2013)
  • I lived at Pleasley at 447 on the main road . We had a fire my brother – was saved My name was Tracy Barlow then. I lived there in 1984 to 1988 played down the vale on the ropes a lot, when to Sunday School and youth clubs there, made a scarecrow, fun days.

    By Tracy Stone (04/04/2013)
  • An old friend of mine used to live in one of the terraced houses on Chesterfield Road, Pleasley. His name was Ray Clarke.. Great friend, he had a sister and a brother…Today,I drove past where the houses have been demolished. Wow, some of the residents must have needed a rope climb to the top of their garden….

    By alan curtis (15/03/2013)
  • Hi Joe Mason I was great friends with mick your brother had great times on the field across the road beside pleasley school playing football was a great area in those days will never forget it.

    By John Hurst (14/03/2013)
  • I lived there from 1977 to 1986 came back in 1989. Got married in 1995 moved, came back again in 1988. Had my two daughters and moved again 2009. Miss Pleasley and the people so much, it’s not the same now. R.I.P. Pleasley. Lived 513.21 Hill Moor Street, back to 517, married came back to 541.

    By Kathryn Patrick (09/03/2013)
  • I lived at 511 Pleasley, went to Pleasley Hill School, great memories of people I knew and grew up with. Shame its gone now!

    By Wendy jackson (07/03/2013)
  • Having worked around these properties, I have to say that had they been properly looked after, they would have stood another hundred years.The contractors cleaned and packed every brick they took down there, tells you something doesn’t it? Downstairs bathrooms ,so what? that would be a boost for many. But so many became a real mess, gardens no more than middens ,filth, and no appropriate action taken. It is to be hoped more thought is given when the next lot go up, and the residents incumbent are made to keep the area tidy and take a pride in their area. Slums do not happen, they are created by the apathy of those who live there largely, and the failure of those in overall charge to take the required stance in the early stages to rectify matters.

    By John. (24/02/2013)
  • I lived at 19 Hillmoor Street, best days of my life I loved Pleasley had some great fun there. My old house is staying up I would just love to go in and look around for some good memories.

    By samantha cano (03/02/2013)
  • I drove up Pleasley Hill this afternoon (31-01-13), its all gone!

    By Peter Bowler. (31/01/2013)
  • These “rose coloured” views of Pleasley Hill make me chuckle. I lived at 331 (now where new road junction is). I remember the council taking over the houses from the pit. This was the end for Pleasley Hill. It turned into a dump. I was glad to get out…..shame about the New England though!

    By Joe Mason (08/05/2012)
  • How sad to see a village with all its history disapear in such a way, why? I spent some happy days with my uncle Jack Tucker, and what about Swindells Water Mill?

    P Tucker – hufen lad

    By peter tucker (21/07/2011)
  • Lived at 617 Chesterfield Road as a baby from 1947 to 53 - so sad to know the old house is going. I am almost certain that we didn’t even have electricity , the lighting was definately gas with a penny in the slot meter and toilet up the back yard and the bath tub was hung in the back yard !! The changes I have seen have been immense!

    By anthony holmes (30/06/2011)
  • Hi used to live at 387 Chesterfield North I lived with Malcolm Merry and we had a son little Malcolm our very first house where we was very happy we loved it there so meny happy times , year 1979 to 1986.

    By maria pleskauskas (01/06/2011)

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