Railway Trespass

I have just been reminded  of some happenings in earlier life when I was a youngster.

I once received a ticket from a young policeman for sitting on the stone wall surrounding the Engine Sheds along Cinderella’s Walk. He booked me for Trespassing on railway property – in my opinion, I was doing no harm sat watching the trains, by myself, and I believe I was 8 years old.

My mother had to take me to the Juvenile Court, (A man sat behind a desk in a suit), where my mother was fined 5/- (five shillings).  The impression left on me was tremendous, for I remember it still to this day.

I was never stopped when taking my fathers dinner into the sheds on a regular basis. My father had a word with the young policeman, he was full of apologies, he didn’t realise I was his lad, and couldn’t do anything about it for it was too late.



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  • You would have been refered to as a Juvenile Delinquent in those days Alan, every young person who had a brush with the police seemed to be called one, I’m glad to see you have learned your lesson and become an upright citizen. I remember in the 1950s and 60s after a football match at Field Mill people would take a short cut over the railway lines to Victoria Street, there was only a low stone wall between the foot path and the railway and sometimes the Transport Police would be waiting to catch them, they ended up with a fine after the case was heard at the local Magistrates Court.

    By P.Bowler (16/02/2015)
  • That sounds an extremely harsh fine Alan. 5 shillings must have been a great amount to your mother to have to pay. I’m sure a caution would have been quite adequate from the copper. Theres no wonder it had a lasting effect on you to have that happen as an 8 year old lad.


    What kids didn’t have some attraction to the railways back then. I know as a youngster I certainly did and frequently found myself wandering onto the lines on the very area you mention , around quarry lane and the cinderella path at mansfield south junction.

    We were only train spotting and never caused any damage or did anything wrong….apart from being there, which is wrong I know now I look back. Myself and a mate were once caught by a policeman walking the lines over the Drury viaduct. We got a sharp telling off by him , names and addresses taken down and told to keep off and that was it.We were 13 then.

    I certainly would not attempt it now nor would I think its ok for kids to do it. But thats because I’m now an adult. Children just do not realize the consequences of what they do sometimes ,but I do think you should have been just cautioned and let off too.

    By Simon Leivers (08/01/2015)

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