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Six more photographs without dates or captions that have been donated to the museum collection, can anyone say where they, are or suggest a date?

No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No 6

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  • Picture number 2 is the bottom of Sutton Road, the shop to the right was once a cycling shop next to it were billboards, behind them was a school, now it is flats.

    By david jervis (03/01/2017)
  • Does anyone know what Mrs Stainforth’s son was called and whether he was in the army?

    By Rob kemp (18/10/2016)
  • Hello Andy Roberts, Belvedere St. ran from the crossroads with Stockwell Gate to just past the low bridge near the railway station, after that it became Portland St. totally changed from when I frequently walked that way in the 1950s and 60s.

    By P.Bowler (21/10/2014)
  • Andy, It was from the bottom of Victoria street where the railway line currently crosses the A6009 rd (Portland St) down towards the super bowl on the corner of Rosemary st & Stockwell Gate. The Belvedere Hotel stood on what is now the pedestrian crossing outside the super bowl on Stockwell Gate. It was only a very narrow street with a row of old stone terraced houses along it. I remeber playing in those derelict houses. I think they were demolished some time around 1980 along with the hotel and the road was made wider to what it is today

    By Simon Leivers (21/10/2014)
  • Where is/was Belvedere St?  I am interested in Belvedere St because of family connections to it but can’t find it on maps except, possibly, at the bottom of Garden Rd.  Did it run from Garden Rd along what is now Station Road to the where the new Bus Station is? This is just a guess from comments on this page

    By Andy Roberts (20/10/2014)
  • In answer to your query Mick Frost…if I remember correctly it was the 103 and 107 buses that ran at the bottom of Brick Kiln Lane/Ladybrook Lane/Ladybrook Estate…I lived on Brick Kiln Lane and Ladybrook Estate for many, many years and remember getting on and off these buses innumerable times…

    By Christine Gant (25/09/2014)
  • Picture 3 does not show Bob Crome’s Butchers shop. From left to right it shows the Belle Vue Pub, Stainforth’s House and Shop, then 3 terraced houses, then a building used by the Meridian Factory ( formerly Foister Clay and Ward) and also formerly Urqharts Chiropodists. You can just see the brick pillar of the huge sliding factory gates. To the right of the picture was a long factory wall and then Bob Crow’s butchers. Next to him was a polish watchmakers then the entrance to Quaker Lane. After that going up the hill on Belvedere Street was a row of stone terraced houses, a bookmakers and then the Midland Arms was just further up on the same side slightly above the entrance to Garden Road opposite.

    By Robert Throw (03/10/2013)
  • Photo No 3 is not the Midland Arms. The Midland Arms was further up the street next to the café.

    By Steve (23/06/2013)
  • The Midland Arms address was 51 Belvedere Street. The photo you show is where Bob Cromes butchers used to be. Does anyone have a photo of the Midland Arms please.

    By Steve (23/06/2013)
  • Picture 6 was the row of shops on Rosemary Steet in between Chaucer Street and Goldsmith Street. I used to live on nearby Union St and regularly used to visit the launderette pictured with my mum. If you look very carefully you cab see Broomheads Newsagent shop on the far right of the photo.

    By John Clay (24/02/2013)
  • The name of the little cafe at the bottom of Radford Street was called Jacks Snacks,my mom used to work there. It was always busy, I remember going in for a chip cob and to listen to the juke box. Telstar was the most played record at that time. Kathy

    By Kathy (29/01/2013)
  • Yes Mary Whetstone,[see above comment] I worked on those flats when they were being built, I was on the Gas Board at the time, it would have been around 1966/7. If I recall we were fitting hot air ducted heating!

    By Gordon Ball (16/01/2013)
  • Picture 1 is the junction of church Lane and Brunts Street. The house with the broken windows is no longer there but you can still see the one on the right. Picture 2 is the junction of Stockwell Gate looking up Bancroft Lane the two shops are now the Rishta Indian take away (left) and the Ironing centre (right). Picture 3 is Belvedere Street looking towards Stockwell Gate where the far back building (opposite the car driving by) is the old Belle Vue Inn public house. Picture 4 is just low side of Spencer Street on Stockwell gate / Sutton Road opposite the community Hospital. The house out of shot towards the left is still there as is the stone pillar gate and wall seen in the picture. Picture 5 is Rosemary Street with the junction of Newcastle Street on the left and Wood Street (where the corner Book Shop is seen in the photo), Picture probably taken from the Rosemary garage position (Side of Beardall Street) Picture 6 is Rosemary Street shops between Chaucer street (left) and Goldsmith Street (right). Me and my brother used to go to the far right shop (just out of frame shot) for goodies when my mum could afford it.

    By Joe Zygadlo (25/12/2012)
  • No 5 was the corner of Newcastle street, opposite was the Co-op funeral place I think, and along Rosemary street the next street was Wood street. No 6 is also definitely Rosemary street, between Chaucer Street and I forget the other street, across the road was Cashers factory, and a little cobblers shop.

    By Paul Robinson (30/10/2012)
  • Many thanks for submitting these photos, particularly Stockwell Gate and the bottom end of Bancroft Lane. Not only from my memories but also for my mum.Her Aunt Tilly lived in one of the houses that has the round chimney tops. I can remember these places very clearly from when I lived on Moor Street and on Brick Kiln Lane…. which bus did the Bancroft – Ladybrook Lane run, was it the 101 ???? Is the Fish and Chip shop still there that was on a side street just off Bancroft Lane??? I did have a school chum, from High Oakham, who lived on a street that came off Stockwell Gate as well. Was there John Street or something akin to that on the side going up between the Top House and another pub closer to the bottom end? Again these pictures and annedotes are greatly appreciated. Thanks

    By mike frost (30/10/2012)
  • Wardmans newsagents was next to Trent office

    By fred newton (28/10/2012)
  • No.4 The cottage DOES indeed still exist – I live in it! It’s not actually on the photograph, I live where the privet hedge is. I think that the flats were demolished to build Stockwell Court!

    By Mary Whetstone (25/08/2012)
  • Pic 2 photo taken where super bowl is looking across the road. Think it was the old empire picture house which was knocked down next to shop red lion pub not bel vue old a and c bicycle shop was were photo taken

    By nobby (02/05/2012)
  • Picture 3: Mrs Stainforth lived in the three storey house part of which was the sweet shop, with her son. The sweet shop had a stable type door and inside she had original Victorian sweet jars with glass stoppers. The cottage next door was uninhabited but the other two closer in the picture had no electricity and were only lit by gas. The building nearest on the right became part of the factory on Belvedere Street owned originally by Foister Clay and Ward of Frog Island Leicester- producing ladies nylons and stockings after WW11 and later owned by Courtaulds as Meridian producing knitwear. Before that it was Urqhuarts the Chiropodist , run by Mr and Mrs Urqhuart, which relocated to Nottingham Road near St Mark’s Church. Before the Foister Clay and Ward days the factory had long ago been on the site of an orchard and a house called Sherwood Cottage and jam was produced on the site. The Salvation Army marched down Belvedere Street every Sunday on its way to the Market Square from its Citadel and the sight of miners on crutches with one leg missing and trouser leg pinned up was a regular one as they got off the bus from Berry Hill, where the rehabilitation centre was, and made their way from Station Road near the original and re-opened town station.

    By Robert Throw (02/03/2012)
  • No 6 is Newgate Lane. No 3 is the main entrance to the old Meridian Factory where the new bus station is going to be. No 2 is the bottom of Bancroft Lane across from the old Shoe Co building.

    By michael wilson (15/02/2012)
  • P 2 - I agree corner of Bancroft Lane the shops opposite The Shoe Company In the background the tall Building would be The Red Lion then Trent Motor Traction Office, then Midland General Buses had an Office .

    The hoarding which ran down to the Empire Cinema. Behind which both Bus Companies had the wooden destination boards before the more modern system of having a system of illuminated indicators as an integeral part on the Buses and Coaches Before the Bus Station Trent operated their Alfreton Service whilst the MGO operated all of their services from outside the Shoe Company opposite It was the Mansfield Terminus for that company although both Companies had a Rest Room Upstairs and access to the area behind the hoarding was made.

    Naylors Bus Company from South Normanton ran a Service to Alfreton from Radford Street adjacent the said Shoe Company. I also remember a small Cafe which did good business with passengers and the drivers and conductors – always very busy, at the bottom of Radford Street.

    Before double deckers Trent ran The Nottingham services but moved by reason of the low bridge on Belvedere Street. The first double decker from Nottingham was fully loaded and had no problem but on its return journey was virtually empty and it got stuck the problem being due to the suspension and the differing weights.

    By M G R (18/08/2011)
  • No 4 is of top of Stockwell Gate, I believe one of those cottages still stands.

    By Pete Bennett (26/07/2011)
  • The 3 storey building in photo 3 was Stainforth’s General Store which was established in 1883. It was demolished in the 1980’s. The former Midland Arms pub was further up Belvedere Street, nearer to the railway station bridge.

    By angela roche (20/01/2011)
  • Picture 3. Is the 3 story stone building the former Midland Arms prior to demolition in the early 70’s.

    By D Minett (19/01/2011)
  • Kevin I do apologise, yes you are correct. The photo was taken in 1969 by J W Purdy. There is a similar photo that was taken in the 50’s.

    By angela roche (19/01/2011)
  • Agree with all locations, but would question date of picture two. The second of the two vehicles, looks like an Austin or Morris 1100; (the picture is not that clear to confirm), if this is the case, this model of car did not appear until the early to mid sixties, so I think the date would be closer to that period.

    By Kevin Barker (17/01/2011)
  • 1. The bottom of Brunts Street, showing the old Grove House before it was demolished. 2. Junction of Stockwell Gate and Bancroft Lane, about 1955. 3.Belvedere Street, with the Bell Vue pub in distance. 4. Top of Stockwell Gate, opposite the Community Hospital. 5. I think this is Rosemary Street, between St. John Street and Newcastle Street. 6. Rosemary Street, just pass where the Rosemary St. School use to be.

    By Angela Roche (09/01/2011)

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