Car in a bit of a Hole

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Another photo from the Museum Chad negative collection which is a bit of a mystery. It is listed as Car in Hole – Old Mill Lane. Is it really Old Mill Lane? and what is the story behind this?

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  • I worked at H Pye and Sons (fantastic place to work, thanks to Harry and Hardwick Pye). I was a 2nd or 3rd year apprentice at this time, thinking more 3rd year. That car came to us to have a full new body shell and I got the job. Yes, I was told it occurred on New Mill Lane. So that would make it 78 or maybe even early 79. Sure it was a Morris Marina.

    By Dave Fell (22/11/2023)
  • Hi June, How are you and Bill, are you still in Mansfield?

    Regards, Terry.

    By Terry Barrows (15/11/2015)
  • Hello

    My husband and I were just coming home from work before picking up the children from school. The road was open but water was pouring down the hill on to the main road and we were waved forward by a policeman stood in the road centre. The workmen had been repairing the water pipes and filled in the holes and gone home, suddenly the car lurched forward and down the hole previously made by the workmen. The gentleman responsible for getting us out of the car was Mr Brian Crookes who was working in his garden at the time and saw it happen – sadly Brian is no longer with us but we are forever in his dept.

    By June Blake (26/10/2015)
  • The photo is of Mr.Bill Blake who lived at the time on New Mill Lane returning home with his wife June when the road collapsed under his car. The collapse was caused by a burst water main. He was a printer at the time at Metal Box Sutton in Ashfield. This occurred 1970’s or 80’s.  Bill Blake is the gent standing at the rear offside of the car looking dejectedly down.

    By terry barrows (16/10/2015)
  • This is New Mill Lane near the junction of Roman Bank

    By John Allcock (17/08/2015)

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