Going to the Dogs!


This picture which is taken from Stinting Lane, (known to many people as Greeny Lane), is just off of Old Mill Lane, Forest Town.

Today [2009] the view looks down towards the Tall Trees Mobile Home Site. At least fifty years, or more ago the picture would have been quite different as before the mobile home estate was established, the land is understood to have been a Greyhound Track.


Little is known about this Greyhound track.

People vaguely remember going to the greyhound races, often with their dad when they were a child, or some say they weren’t allowed to go as they were too young. There are stories too of there being a ‘tossing ring’ at the track (another form of gambling).




An undated newspaper cutting refers to 1954 and says ‘That was about the time when the greyhound racing track where Winifred the Duchess of Portland, liked to “come and see the doggies run” began to decline. It is now a caravan park.’

Does anyone have more information or memories about this Greyhound Track?

'Little Imp'
View from 'Greeny Lane'
P Marples

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  • I remember the greyhound track and tossing ring in my childhood days in the 50`s, the tossing ring was in the woods we called bluebell woods. We used to go to the ring after the men had gone on a Sunday afternoon to find any coins they had lost

    By Des Singleton (07/02/2014)

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