Cumberland School, Ladybrook

Happy smiling faces with cup and trophy

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  • I went Cumbos 81-86 and Mr Sale and Miss Smith were still there then

    By Tony (04/10/2023)
  • I was at Cumberlands from 1960 to 1965, my name was Christine Horsley and I lived on Beck Crescent

    By Christine Hunter (28/04/2023)
  • Would the French teacher, Mrs Adams, be the same teacher that taught French in the late 70’s, early 80’s at St John’s C-of-E? I was fortunate enough to go on a school trip in 1982 to Normandy.

    By Richard Ward (14/01/2023)
  • Yes, it was the French teacher who married Mr Adams. I remember them taking a group of us on a school trip to Germany. I think this website might have a picture of the group which includes both teachers.

    By Ann Driver (14/01/2023)
  • In response to Ann Drivers comment, Kevin Allen asks (via the editors) ‘was it the French teacher at Cumberland’s school that married Mr Adams? I think it was Miss Giles but not sure,

    By Editors (10/01/2023)
  • I was at Cumberlands in the late 60s/70’s A few teachers spring to mind Mrs Westby needlecraft, Mr Sale -science, Mr Shed- English, Mrs Parkinson- homecraft, Mr George-art, Miss Smith – PE ( she married Mr George). Mr Bennett, Miss Fox, Mr Freeman. Girls were allowed to do woodwork & metalwork with Mr Hardwick & Mr Daniels – still have the shoe horn & toasting fork. – great days 😊

    By Ann Driver (08/01/2023)
  • I attended Cumberlands in 1957 when it first opened. Mr Crompton was the headmaster then. It was a lot different to my previous school Moor Lane, more disciplined. I have also got my school report and I still find it a bit scary when I read it now.

    By Alan Bridges (07/12/2022)
  • I was at Cumberlands school from 1970 to 1974 , I still have my school report book from the years I spent there. The Headmaster at the time was Wholer, and Malcom Lees was woodwork, music, and tec drawing Teacher. Great memories there.

    By Adrian Hickling (06/12/2022)
  • I attended Cumberlands middle 60s, what a great time.

    By Chris davies (12/10/2022)
  • Hi Rick. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since we were at Cumberlands . I still think that we had the best times I remember lots of names but am clueless as to their whereabouts now.

    By jaybee (24/03/2022)
  • I was at Cumberlands from 1970-75. Mr Heron was the headmaster. Mr Roberts and Mr Wells were the lads’ PE teachers. Mr Bednall was maths teacher.

    By Richard Abbott (16/01/2022)
  • I remember Mr Daniels & yes he was scary. I had the slipper off him twice. I left in ’72. I could of left ’71 at 15 but stayed on for the CSEs.

    By Malcolm Chapman (31/08/2020)
  • I am trying to find former pupils who attended Cumberland School, Ladybrook, between 1970-75

    By Richard Abbott (05/02/2020)
  • I stand corrected it’s not Mick Gould

    By FredNewton (15/12/2019)
  • Hello Fred, thanks for your previous information regarding some of our local footballers. However, it’s not a sport I’ve ever followed, but does Mick Gould still live on Ladybrook as I think I know his children also, Mark, Chris and Jane? Best regards, David.

    By David Marriott (12/11/2019)
  • Great bunch of lads Kidder Wilkinson was a brilliant footballer and a great mate I miss him still.

    By Andre Camilleri (27/03/2018)
  • The estate was started in 1948, we moved into Beck Crescent in 1949 but Cumberlands school wasn’t built until 1958.

    By Linda Smith (30/05/2017)
  • Does anyone know when Cumberland School was built?  I’m assuming it was at the same time as the housing estate was built?

    By Angela Bramwell (23/05/2017)
  • Tony Penney is on the far right, standing and Peter Flower is third right, standing, his Dad was the local butcher

    By Charles Hickling (15/12/2015)
  • Frank Lynes is on the front row, first left.

    By paul wilewski (14/08/2015)
  • The man in the back row centre is of course Mr Paul Daniel, the woodwork and technical drawing teacher at Cumberland School during my time there from 1962-67. He was a bit scary I seem to remember, but a good teacher; Frank Lynes, back row second right lived opposite us on Daniel Crescent, Ladybrook.

    By Richard Pinder (26/09/2014)
  • The signatures on the back of the photo (second illustration) name the people in the top photo.  Editors

    By editors (01/12/2013)
  • The boy on the left IS NOT Mick Gold

    By Brian Reece (30/11/2013)
  • Lad on extreme right is Mick Gould very good local footballer

    By Fred Newton (26/01/2013)

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