Cycling Clubs

Information on Mansfield and areas cycling clubs has so far been gleaned from various sources, such as old programmes, oral history, newspaper cuttings, and the Internet. It is hoped that cycling enthusiasts will add more information to these pages.

Cyclists Hostel, Mansfield Woodhouse

Although this impressive looking building at Mansfield Woodhouse warranted being made in to postcards, little else is known about it. No doubt it provided facilities for distant cyclist who came to the area to take part in road races or track events at Forest Town. Cyclists such as  Enzio Sachi, (Italian), Arie Van Vliet, (Dutch) Sid Patterson (Australian), and local man Reg Harris.

Mansfield Victoria Cycling Club (MVCC)

This club was founded in 1917 and its founder members included Frank Spencer, J Fletcher and W Fletcher.

On Saturday August 20th 1921 a Sports event was held at Forest Town, this included cycling events. The following members of MVCC are listed in the programme as taking part.

in the Quarter Mile Handicap;One Mile Handicap; One Mile Championship

G Biggs; J J Gundel; J W Roberts.

In 1935 the Cycling Manual & Year Book lists the General Secretary as Mr A Ladd, of Pilsley Chesterfield.

Oral History from P N 31/3/09 & 1/4/09

The three photos in my album are of Mansfield Victoria Cycling Club, pre 1938. John Newton is on all three, Phyllis Vamplew on two, and her sister Evelyn possibly on all of them.

They are of club events. The cups and shield were kept in a bank and two people had to sign to get them out. Does anyone know where these are now?

Some Sunday club runs were to Matlock, Blyth, and Gunthorpe Bridge. They found tea places where we could eat our own sandwiches and get a cup of tea. The bikes were propped up against a wall. Then we would have a walk round before cycling back home.

Club Meetings used to be in a room above The Young Vanish [Public House] at Glapwell (before it was altered). They would cycle there from Mansfield Woodhouse. This may have been before Jim Fletcher had his cycle shop built on High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse as the club then met above the shop. Phyllis Vamplew had her SUN bike from Jim Fletchers shop around 1934.

Jim Fletcher had a son Jack and daughter Doris who were also in the cycling club

When there was racing on at Forest Town Track, Jim Fletcher’s uncle was timekeeper, Frank Spencer did the microphone.

I think Reg Harper who worked for Jim Fletcher had a brother who had a cycle shop near the Shoe Company in Mansfield.

Sutton Aces* used to race on the track and road, they may have become Mansfield Aces Cycling Club.

Mansfield Aces Cycling Club

The white building on the Pump Hollow Side of Forest Town Track was the clubroom for the Mansfield Aces. When this was erected is unknown, additionally just how long they were involved with events at the track is also unknown. The club were involved in a cycling display in September 1988 when the refurbished sporting facilities were opened. The Mansfield Aces ran the Cycling Track League events at Forest Town for a number of years. They were still holding events there in 1991.

In 1935 the Cycling Manual & Year Book lists the General Secretary as Mr S Barnes of Mansfield.

Mansfield Cycling Club

In 1935 the Cycling Manual & Year Book 1935 lists the General Secretary as              Mr S Robinson of Mansfield

North Notts Olympic Road Club

The web site for this club states it was ‘formed in 1952 by a group of local cycling enthusiasts to compete against rival clubs such as Mansfield Victoria, Aces, and the Bentick Wheelers’. It is based in Mansfield and is ‘a club that caters for all ages, abilities, and aspects of cycling from time trials to road racing, track, to the Sunday club run – we have something for everyone’.Look at the web site to discover more.

*Nothing is known about Sutton Aces Cycling Club

North Notts Time Trial 1968
Chad 28648 -5
Cycling Certificate Lincoln and Back
P Marples Collection
North Notts Time Trial 1974
Chad E2281A
North Notts Cycling Awards 1976
Chad E2281A
Cyclists Hostel, Mansfield Woodhouse
Valentine & Sons Ltd
Mansfield Vics Club Outing
P Marples Collection
Mansfield Vics Club Event
P Marples Collection
Mansfield Vics Club Event
P Marples Collection
Mansfield Aces Club Room Forest Town
P Marples Collection
Cycling Certificate 1935
P Marples
Mansfield Aces Club Room
P Marples
Club Dinner 1937
P Marples Collection
Reg Harris at Forest Town Track
P Marples Collection
Club Dinner 1963
P Marples Collection

Comments about this page

  • Hi does anyone know about a record that my grandad, Harold Williams and (not sure of the other name) did on a tandem from Skegness to Mansfield Woodhouse in about 2 hrs? Circa 1932.
    Many thanks for your help

    By Denise Pearce (17/02/2021)
  • Hi all you ex time-trialists & members of Mansfield Vics Cycling Club out there. I joined the club in 1951/52, we met above Jack Fletcher’s bike shop at Mansfield Woodhouse. This certificate is the only survivor from my racing days. However, I remember particularly the winter rides when the weather was bad, we made for Fred & Kath’s farmhouse in Derbyshire for a home cooked dinner and tea where we played cards all day! (for money of course). Thanks, Mavis Parsons (previously Cutts)

    By Mavis Parsons (01/03/2019)
  • I took a print out of these pages to Alf Ball (he doesn’t have access to a computer). He enjoyed reading them, thank you. He asked me to mention some people and things he remembered about his time with the Mansfield Vics.
    Brenda Dove ( Jack Ashley’s wife), Roy Lee, Betty and Frank Crookes (a fine runner), Mavis Cuts, Margaret Jackson and her father Grove, Nobby Clark (David), Bunny Brailsford (Mansfield Ace), Sam Smith and his friend (?), Eddy Parker (Bevin Boy at London), Bob Singleton (Bevin Boy at Windermere), Pete Rossiter and Harold Bestwick, one-time secretary to the Vics.

    Alf says that on the Vic’s regular Sunday runs into Derbyshire, they were often joined by members of the Aces.

    By Joy Pearson (02/01/2019)
  • I’ve just been talking to Alf Ball this morning (3.12.18) about his time with Mansfield Vics during the war years and just after. Alf acted as club secretary for a while. He mentioned several people from around that time – Squib Harper, Bunny Brailsford, Ken Rathbone and brother Cyril, Flash – no other name to go with that, Wilf Cutts, Arthur Hunt and Jim Fletcher who owned or managed the bike shop -( probably A &C cycles), and Jim’s son Jack who took over when Jim died. He will be very pleased to read these pages.

    By Joy Pearson (03/12/2018)
  • Good news!! We are in possession of the Victoria Shield as shown in the Group photo for the Mansfield Vics. It has been on display in the Woodhouse Heritage Link for the Tour of Britain stage that started from Mansfield. It will be on display when the Library reopens in April.

    By Tom Shead (21/11/2017)
  • Some of you will be aware that the Nottinghamshire stage of the Tour Of Britain will start in Mansfield in September 2017. To celebrate this we have been asked to produce a display of Cycling photographs etc in Mansfield Museum. The display will be on for a few weeks and we want this to be really great to help put both the museum and Mansfield on the map. If anyone has any photographs or other memorabilia they can scan please send to us at  It is anticipated the display will be about cycling in general, club runs, racing, cafes visited such as Walts at Blythe etc etc. If anyone has a photo of Beryl Burton that would be good, also did your parents go to Skegness on their Tandem, years ago that was a day out – have you a photo of them? Lets all go down memory lane!


    By Pauline & Malcolm Marples (11/05/2017)
  • I was a pupil at Chesterfield Road Technical College when I was 15, and in The Mansfield Victoria CC  when I was 16. I was introduced to racing at 17, and, ‘Bragging Time’ –  came 5th in  an Olympic Selection Race, 4 feet behind the front wheel of the winner, Peter Proctor. If I had been chosen, I would not have been able to go as I was a plumber’s apprentice and could not afford the time/money?  I am 85 now, and have covered over 800 thousand miles, but, went on a ride of 20 miles with my wife and was not able to keep up!  She has an electric bike, so, I bought one for myself!

    Cheers, Geoff Simmo

    By Liz Weston (04/04/2017)
  • I visited England recently from my home in Tasmania, Australia, and visited George Shipley in hospital just a couple of days before he died. I thanked him for all he had done for me. He moulded my life. I don’t cycle any more but I still run marathons at the age of 74, (albeit getting much slower now!).

    RIP George, you were one of the best.

    By Dave brelsford (12/01/2017)
  • Fantastic page lots of memories of my time with NNORC in the 60s.

    People not mentioned - Joe Marriott a stalwart of the club, Norman ‘Lurch ‘ Coleman, the Smith bursts I think Phil is still cycling, Dave Adams, John Nurrish, I rember Mac from upstairs in the shop. Great bike Paramount, I see AENDE have been resurrecited, which is great 

    Would love to hear from Barrie Cooper a great friend of the late John Shooter who sadly took his own life some years ago

    Ian Booth, Chard, Somerset

    By Ian Booth (24/10/2016)
  • Ii have just found this as I now live in Somerset. Brought back memories of the 60s riding with NNORC.

    Good to see Barrie Cooper riding, Richard Winter now in SA. I remember Mac repairing bikes at A&C

    No mention of the Smithhursts? I believe Phil still races? Dave Adams, John Nurrish. Great club runs into Derbyshire etc.

    Great times, nice to see AENDE frames reborn with links back to Cyril, Dereck and of course Pongo! Paramount frames ruled in those days.

    Ian Booth , Chard, Somerset

    By Ian Booth (21/10/2016)
  • Sad news, George Shipley one of the founder members of the North Notts Olympic C C has recently passed away. RIP George.

    By Tom Shead (27/09/2016)
  • I used to be a member of Mansfield Aces and North Notts Olympic Road Club. There’s many riders not mentioned. Dave Young, Brian Hardwick and Bruce Bailey were very close friends and regularly competed and supported each other in races. Bruce was a good in he had a stint over in the Kermesses I think in France and Belgium. Dave young was East Mids Cyclo Cross champion in the 50’s. Bruce was National Cyclo Cross Champion I think. Brian sadly passed away a couple of years ago, Bruce quite a while ago but Dave is one of my best mates and is still well and still cycling, he lives at Radmanthwaite still.

    By Kev spalding (30/06/2016)
  • Cyril and Mac used to build the Paramount frames at A & C Sports.

    By Dave Brelsford (18/06/2016)
  • Hi Geoff Simpson,

    Do you have any other recolections of the Gamston Race – the only details I’ve been able to find is that it was held in August 1951 and the official winner was Gordon ‘Tiny’ Thomas.


    Dave C

    By Dave C (20/05/2016)
  • Hi, I have a Paramount frame I bought second hand in the 1970’s and bought all the fittings from A&C Sports to build the bike to time trial spec.  Sadly it never quite happened for me due to a combination of shyness, asthma, beer and girls but I have always wondered about the Paramount frame.  I was told it was built by A&C but never been sure.  Any information please?

    By Pete Warren (05/05/2016)
  • I knew Alan (Pongo) Braithwait and while I was at Notts Uni I visited him quite a lot. When I got my first job after research I visited him every day at Aende Racing on Castle Boulevard. Then I was heavily training and he regularly repaired any structural damages to my hand built Barron frame. I knew his wife and married his wife’s cousins. I still race and train every day and since the day he passed away I miss him. I miss trying to be recognised as a good rider, now I know I only have myself to impress, that’s why I still train very hard every day and don’t believe in areas like Strava since I believe in the old fashioned training ideals. Pongo built traditional frames and had them enamelled by Skill (Phil The Skill) enamellers at Trowell. Regards to all who knew him.

    By Dr Peter Straw (21/04/2016)
  • Enjoyed reading all the comments about the cycling days of the past. Came across this site when looking for records of track cycling in the 1930’s. My dad used to ride in a pursuit team with Fred  Gilks and was a track sprinter himself and nearly  beat the great Reg Harris in  a championship event. Has anyone got any information or photos of track cycling races in this area here’s hoping. Ken Ashley.

    By kenrick ashley (05/03/2016)
  • Just heard Pete Rossitter, late of Mansfield Vics has passed away sometime last year.

    By Tom Shead (28/01/2016)
  • Hi Dave! I joined North Notts in 1952 and some names you would surely come across possibly in 1960 were Pete Cooper, Geoff Dawes, Alan Hind, Colin Brown, Les Wright, Keith Hardwick, Brian Hardwick, Derek and Denis Walters, Malc Levy,Eddy Davey, Pete Townroe,Roy Jones and the Corbett brothers. I left the North Notts in 55 and joined the Vics. Happy memories!

    By Tom Shead (29/12/2015)
  • I rode with North Notts Olympic from 1960 to 1964 and will try to list the names of fellow riders of that era: Alan Fairbrother, Ron Jones, George Shipley, Dick Bennett, Bruce Bailey, Malc Marples, Derek Haines, “Tadge” Taylor, John Hardy, Johnny Nix, Alan Steward, Dennis Marsh, Pat Foster, Keith Moore, Denise Broughton, Melvin Scott, Pat Scott, Mick Allin, Ted Chomiuk, Dick Denby, Mick Bell, Kevin Sheppard, Dennis Proctor, Ian Robie, Johnny Dunn, Chris Kitchen, my brother Alan Brelsford, Mick Leivers, Derek and Janet Wood, Joe Marriott, Colin Price, Alan Price, Dave Sharpe, Norman Coleman, John and Mary Fidler.

    Who remembers those characters?

    I’m sure there must be others that I’ve forgotten. I apologise to them.

    By Dave Brelsford (27/12/2015)
  • My first job after leaving school was in the office where George Shipley worked, and he took me under his wing, and eventually inspired me to take up cycle racing myself. I rode with North Notts Olympic from 1960 to 1964 and remember many of the names mentioned above.

    I emigrated to Australia in 1965 and Ron Jones came out a couple of years later.

    Ron and I still keep in contact.

    By Dave Brelsford (23/12/2015)
  • The cyclist’s hostel is actually the now demolished Park Hall in Mansfield Woodhouse. It was a YHA hostel in the 1930’s

    By Chris Appleby (11/12/2015)
  • In the Woodhouse Library Heritage Link we have a display of Sporting Heritage in Woodhouse and last week I posted a photo of myself, Tony Ratcliffe, Roy Beecroft and Ray Everett at Wymswold, Leics. in 1954. I happened to go in the Chemists next door and bumped into Tony who came in the Heritage Link and we had our photo taken together with the 1954 photo, hopefully Ray Everett will come in next week. Sadly Roy Beecroft passed away last year. We were members of Mansfield Vics in the mid 50s.

    By Tom Shead (13/11/2015)
  • Hi

    I have added the photos kindly sent in by Geoff – they are on a new page called Mansfield Victoria Cycling Club.

    By Liz Weston (28/07/2015)
  • Hi, thank you, I have sent a few old photo’s, with comments and names to the Mansfield Museum. Hopefully, she will add these to the Old Vics News, Cheers, Geoff Simpson

    By Geoff Simpson (15/07/2015)
  • Hi, Tom, thank You, of Course, I never Met You as I was in The Army at That Time. I am 84 Now, Have All My Hair, Most of My Teeth, Everything Else Working Well. Quite Sad that So Many Old Mates are Not With us.I Have now covered just over One Million Miles, but the limit now is 10 Miles in One Day, Cheers, Geoff  Simpson

    By Geoff Simpson (09/07/2015)
  • Heard tonight Frank Crooks ex Mansfield Vics and Sutton Harriers has passed away at the age of 87 years. He went to live in Cheadle nr Manchester a few years ago.  I always remember when we stopped at Walts Cafe in Blyth in the 50s and if you couldn’t sleep in the crowded dormitory you woke the nearest person up and asked if he wanted to buy a battleship, he would then reciprocate an hour later and ask how much do you want for it. RIP Frank.

    By Tom Shead (29/06/2015)
  • Trevor!!  Mac Mumford is a member of the Old Woodhouse Society and attends our meetings, last Monday of the Month, feel free to come along. He does local history talks at other Societies. I am on duty in the Heritage Link Thursday Morning and Friday Morning, come and sit at the Sages table!  Check out the site for Walts Cafe, Blyth.


    By Tom Shead (23/06/2015)
  • Well, what a small world it is. I recently had contact with Tom (Shead) re. an article in Our Mansfield. Then he appears again on this site writing about still other people who are known to me. Cyril ‘Squib’ Harper (spent many a happy hour or more with a cuppa in Squib’s office upstairs in A & C Sports when I was in my mid to late teens in the 50’s). Derek Wood & wife, Spider et al. One name that I haven’t seen mentioned is Mac/Mack? who used to do the repairs, straighten wheels etc. upstairs in the workshop at A & C. I never knew his full name. Does anyone know anything of him I wonder?

    If you read this Tom I look forward to meeting you at the library in the near future. We’ve just moved into Mansfield Woodhouse.

    By Trevor Ellis (21/06/2015)
  • Just heard Roy Beecroft ex Vics Member in the 50s has passed away last year in Durham where he had lived for the last 20+ years. RIP.

    By Tom Shead (06/06/2015)
  • Hi Geoff! I am 78,  a few years younger than you so with you doing your National Service that’s how our paths never crossed. Old members of the Vics you would have known who have passed away are Pete Carlin [Barry’s Brother] Johnie Crutchley, Dave [Nobby] Clarke, Wilf Cutts, Alf Ball and Gordon Ian!!  I bumped into Lyn James at Jim Coleman’s [Aces] funeral a few years ago, he is still a dapper dresser! Old members of your era still about are Joe Friend, Jack Ashley, Dave Guilor, Pete Rossitter, Pete Sinfield, Cliff Andrews and myself.  Did you ever stay the night at Walt’s Cafe at Blyth?

    By Tom Shead (20/01/2015)
  • Names I forgot are Roy Beecroft, Colin and Trevor Speed, Nip Woodhouse, Doug Shawcroft and Tony Ratcliffe.

    By Tom Shead (20/01/2015)
  • Hi, Folks, I have Made few Previous Comments (Mostly Good!), about Mansfield Vics. and would Like Any Old Members to Contact Me. I am Now 83 (Aiming at 105),Packed up Racing at 61, when, although I beat Lionel James for the First Time (in a Boxing Day 10 Miles Time Trial), in a Time of 30.03, it was Slower than My First 12 Hour TT, of 242 Miles. Please Contact?

    By Geoff Simpson (19/01/2015)
  • I was clearing out my wallet recently, moths and all and I came across 2 Newspaper cuttings. The first one was the passing of Pongo Braithwaite at 73 years of age in the Phillipines and the other was of the marriage in Canada of a former NNotts Olympic rider Bill Rudlan. These ex- cyclists are scattered all over the World!!

    By Tom Shead (11/08/2014)
  • Hello Tom, your comment about Alan ( Pongo ) Braithwaite, (he wasn’t Pongo when I knew him at High Oakham Boys School. Reminded me that Alan was in the same class as I at school. All these comments bring back the faces and memories of folk from long ago, Many forgotten until you hear their name, It is surprising whose paths have crossed during our lifetime.

    By alan curtis (11/08/2014)
  • Hi Ian, I remember first meeting Spider, he was riding a Horace Rogers frame, miles too small and showing about 2ft of seat tube, he was also famous for his cycle shoes where the toes curled up like Aladdin.  He always dressed in black.  We persuadered him to join N N Olympic!  Spider, Derek and Dennis Walters bought Houldsworth frames. I am in touch with Geoff Daws, Alan Hind,George Shipley, Neil Renshaw and Pete. Cooper has been on this site, I think Malcolm Levy is in touch with Geoff Daws. Spider and Malcolm worked in the Co op hardware dept and one always got a bargain when they served you. N Notts has a website but I think they have dropped the Olympic name!! 

    By Tom Shead (08/07/2014)
  • Great to see comments about my grandfather, Cyril Harper. I used to visit his shop A&C Sports a lot as a kid with my mum, Judy. He often used to talk of Pongo, Spider and the many other names mentioned here. 

    He was truly an inspiration with his passion for cycling. Cyril suffered a stroke in the 80’s. He sadly passed away in 1992.

    By Kirsty Beaumont (07/07/2014)
  • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for replying to my message. Glad you cleared up the story about his accident. He has normally had a few glasses of wine before he talks about his early days !! I had a look around for a NNotts website or somewhere to post a few old photos, but no luck.”Spider” was that dads nickname ??

      Dad is still alive and well. He now lives in the USA, and has done so for the last 30 years.

    By Ian Fairbrother (05/07/2014)
  • Hi Ian,Gus Geeson rode with Bentinck Wheelers along with his wife Lily, Gus died about 3 years ago.  He did after dinner speeches at club dinners etc. He was also a Driving Licence tester,  The scar on Alans leg, happened on a club run to Buxton, Derbys and we were going down a steep hill. In a village called Longnor,, near Ashbourne, I don’t remember any fog but I do remember Ivan Reynolds from Woodhouse Rd in the next bed, he fell off his motorbike! this was the accident I witnessed, with Spider. There are a lot of NNotts lads still about who rode with your Dad plus photos

    By Tom Shead (04/07/2014)
  • My Father, Alan Fairbrother used to ride for North Notts Olympics. I have photos of him riding in 1953 aged 16. As a youngster I remember going to Cyril Harpers shop. Mum & dad used to leave me there with uncle Cyril,to save dragging me around when they went shopping in Mansfield. I loved the smell of the shop. I remember going to Cyrils house a couple of times. He used to have an electric organ in the house, and I remember the house having a servants bell system above to doors. One year I would guess the early 1980’s dad was the guest speaker at the annual dinner and awards ceremony, I went along too. My dad used to knock about with Ron Jones…when in Australia in about 1985/86 we went to Ron’s house. Dad has taken the time to write on the back of some of the photos, events, times, distances etc. There is one photo that he has written “late 50’s early 60’s dinner dance with Gus Geeson” Not sure who he is ? 

    Dad has a massive scar on his right leg from a couple of inches above his kneecap, right down his thigh and it finishes under his right buttock. His version of the story goes that they were out on a Sunday club ride in fog. A car had gone through some road works and was still on the wrong side of the road. The driver hadn’t realised he was through the roadworks due to the thick fog, and drove into the oncoming group of cyclists. Does anyone know or remember about this ?

    By Ian Fairbrother (03/07/2014)
  • I have just discovered the Obituary for Gordon Ian, it was in a Hucknall Dispatch. google Gordon Ian, cyclist!!

    By Tom Shead (24/05/2014)
  • Indeed it brought back some memories. Could anyone fwd me Barrie Cooper’s email address he was a friend of mine in the 70’s and I would like to contact him again.

    Thanks Richard Winter

    Editors Note: We do not pass on email adresses unless we have the permission of the person involved. If Brian would like us to do so could you email the editors and let us know?

    By Richard Winter (05/05/2014)
  • With reference to the North Notts Olympic Awards 1976. I am standing second from the right holding a trophy, fourth right is Richard Winter next to him is Mac who worked at Cyrils, Rob Buckland is holding the shield with Richard.  I have just started cycling again after 38yrs…     on my original Holdsworths. Seeing this photo brings back some very fond memories.

    Barrie Cooper 

    29 April 2014

    By Barrie Cooper (29/04/2014)
  • My great grandparents Wilfred and Sarah Fretwell ran the Bridge Café at Blyth in the 1930-40s. This was a well known cycle stop and had a café,campsite and dormitory for cyclists. Its not there anymore as there is now a hotel on the site.

    By Carolyn Harris (29/03/2014)
  • There is a page on under Blythe, about the Bridge Tea Rooms Carolyn refers to -see ‘Walts Cafe the Bridge Tea Rooms’

    By Pauline Marples (29/03/2014)
  • Thanks, I’ve already seen it – I’ve posted some extra info there.

    By Carolyn Harris (29/03/2014)
  • Hi, again. One of the most coveted trophies in Mansfield Vics. was the 10 Miles Handicap Time Trial. I entered this in (I think!), 1955 (A year before I was ‘Invited’ to Join The Army). I had a generous handicap allowance, and estimated that I had to catch my ‘Minute Man’ and beat him by one second. I achieved this, but calculations went wrong, Pete Sinfield beat me by 3 seconds. If you are still around, Pete, do add a comment to this page.

    By Geoff Simpson (27/03/2014)
  • Geoff!! I was a member of the Vics about 1954 and regularly rode with Gordon Ian, Pete Sinfield, Johnie Crutchley, Fred Carlisle, Pete Rossitter, Jack Ashley, Colin and Trevor Speed, Roy Beecroft, Dave Clarke, Wilf Cutts, Alf Ball etc. I can’t place you, describe yourself and the bike you rode? The Granville you mention!! is it Granville Orton of Olympic Cycles? I worked for Falcon Cycles as Territory Sales Manager and called on Granville where I got a frosty reception but a lorry driver from the Dental firm Castlellini walked in and greeted me and said to Granville ” Tom rode with Gordon Ian in the 50s”, Granville’s demeanour changed and I was then a welcome visitor. I understand Gordon Ian was President of Beauvale CC. Jack Copeland was a hard man but we had to put up with him, he and Chick were the only timekeepers in the area!

    By Tom Shead (27/03/2014)
  • Geoff, Pete Sinfield has already added a comment, see above.

    By Editors (27/03/2014)
  • I joined Mansfield Vics in 1948, and, I believe, was the first in the Club to enter a ‘Road Race’ (It was, actually, held at Gamston Aerodrome), and I ‘Won’ it, but, as I held my hands in the air, I was disqualified by the 2 Commisaires (I think they where called Referees, then?), Chick Baines and Jack Copeland, for ‘Dangerous Riding’.

    By Geoff Simpson (14/03/2014)
  • Hi, Lucinda, Your Dad, Gordon, was Certainly a Nice Fellow! He Helped Me to get a Job, Teaching at Bath Street College where He was Vice-President. I Was a Member of Mansfield Victoria, in the 1940’s, with Pete Sinfield, Brian Coppin,Wilf, Alan and all the Others, and, later, After National Service in The Royal Artillery, Beauvale Cycling Club (I Know Granville Very Well)

    By Geoff Simpson (07/03/2014)
  • Hi Lucinda, I was contacted 3 years ago by Maureen Newton, a local Historian who edits the Hucknall Torkard News who was told about Gordon’s record in cycling and was going to write a feature once she had the information. I told her to contact Pete Sinfield but I have not heard anything since. Gordon put the Vics on the map and along with Jan we had some happy times. If you google Hucknall Torkard Times you may be able to contact Maureen on her website.

    By Tom Shead (31/08/2013)
  • Its really nice to see all the lovely comments about my Dad Gordon Ian.

    By Lucinda willson (29/08/2013)
  • Are you able to scan the picture and add a page about your father?

    By Editors (10/03/2013)
  • My father belonged to the Aces I can’t say which year but it could have been about 1938/1940. I have a photo of him with a cup he won if anyone is interested his name was Arthur Worker known as Archie Worker Regards Jacqueline

    By Jacqueline Helmsley (08/03/2013)
  • I was in Mansfield Aces 1984 to 1989 I was there at the opening day of the new track, if anybody has any old photos of the Aces back then would be great to see them.

    Gary Bennett.

    By Gary Bennett (15/04/2012)
  • Re the NNORC ’76 awards photo. On the far right of the photo, it’s me! Far left, is Alan “Pongo” Braithwaite, who built “Aende” bike frames, third from the left is Cyril Harper, owner of A&C Sports, originally on the site of the bowling alley on Stockwell Gate, after a fire and the compulsary purchase of the row of shops there, moved across the road, to what is now a hairdressing supplies shop, then its last move to Morven Avenue. Cyril’s shop was the centre of the cycling community in Mansfield, when I started riding in about 1972. I think the person, back row, far left, is Derek Wood, who’s house on Derby Rd, was a second home to many teenage cyclists and not just because of his three daughters! All are now long deceased, sadly! The other Mansfield cycling club, is the Mansfield Road Club, having a bit of a come back, with Sunday clubruns from the golf course at Mansfield Woodhouse, starting at 9am.

    By Adam Gallon (17/01/2011)
  • I would like to add my sentiments of the passing of JV Crutchley and Gordon Ian. I rode with them in the mid 50s when I was a member of the Vics and have happy memories of the weekends spent away in Scarborough, Derbyshire, Isle of Man, London, Blackpool, etc. I think the main success was the 25 mile TT when Gordon, Johnie and Pete were the hot favourites for the Team prize. I was looking at the North Notts photo recently re the Club Dinner with Squib etc and noticed Derek Wood on the back row. The front row left, shows a Spanish looking chap “he looks familiar” a friend put me right, it’s Pongo Braithwaite. Pongo is no longer with us, he died in Thailand about 3 years ago, you could fill a book with his exploits. Pongo used to come on the Vics weekends and I remember he came with us to Blackpool for the lights, went off on his own and next day turned up dressed in an Italian Suit and winkle picker shoes. He was a member of the Aces. Pete Sinfield failed to mention the other Elder who kept us in line, Alf Ball along with Wilf Cutts were the Senior Management. They were happy days and strange to think these events happened 65+ years ago. I have always had the theory most serious cyclists of that era were Tradesmen, Joiners, Engineers,Decorators etc.

    By Tom Shead (22/10/2010)
  • Just read the sad news about the death of Gordon Ian and Johnie Crutchley. I did not know Gordon very well but Johnie I knew and raced against many times especially in the local 10 mile events at cuckney, I liked him very much and he was always ready to give some good advice if asked for. We had a good chat outside of ALDI supermarket a few years ago and a few years before we sat together at a club dinner North Notts Olymic RC .

    By Pete Cooper (28/09/2010)
  • I would like to dedicate this message to Gordon Ian and Johnie Crutchley who have both passed away recently. I joined the Vics in 1948 and started racing immediately. I enjoyed racing until 1956 and we had a great bunch of lads in the club. We had some great characters and some very good times, especially away weekends in Derbyshire in the winter when we weren’t racing. At the forefront of the weekends was always Wilf Cutts who had the task of keeping us all together and did a very good job. Johnie Crutchley and I tried our best with Gordon Ian to win the RTTC 25 mile time trial team award but we weren’t quite good enough. I went with Gordon Ian up to Manchester for the 1956 Olympic trials, he should have gone with the England team but because of internal politics he was excluded. It was a great injustice. Thinking of the good times I had with the Mansfield Vics.

    By Pete Sinfield (25/09/2010)
  • I think the cyclists hotel looks very much like the now demolished Park Hall. I used to keep my horses at the stables opposite and the shell of the house with the bay windows still stood ( 1970 ish). Can anyone else comment?

    By John Archer (06/03/2010)
  • In my earlier comments about the VICS photo, I mentioned Sam Shaw, silly me, it was Sam Smith. Sam had a collection of Paris Gallibier frames which he had collected. Re. Jack Copeland, the other check was the rider had a warning instrument, BELL. The N.Notts trophy presentation, Cyril SQUIB Harper is second from the left. Squib had the Cycle Shop next to the Shoe Co and was called AandC sports which moved over the road next to where the Empire Cinema was and then moved to the corner of Leeming Lane/Morven Avenue junction in Mansfield Woodhouse. A was Arthur Hunt who kept a shop on Front St, Arnold and worked with Squib at Raleigh. Arthur I believe was in the Commonwealth Games about 1950. Squib [Cyril] lived at Auckland House, Mansfield Woodhouse the birth place of John Ogden the World famous pianist. He gave support to the Mansfield cycling clubs over many years. I dont remember his age when he died but he used to turn up at the start of time trials on a Sunday mornings well past his sixties. The Vics were fortunate in having Gordon Ian as a member who was the National 25 mile Champion for about 3 years and the Vics members would go to the Best all Rounder Presentation at the Albert Hall to see Gordon receive the trophy. Gordon died a couple of years ago in Notingham I believe, a Great rider.

    By Tom Shead (14/12/2009)
  • Re the Mansfield Vics photos. 1st snap the 2 people on the front row are, left, Jack Fletcher, son of Jim Fletcher who started the shop on Station St, MW. previous to that address they were across the road opposite the Post Office in the Maltings next to the old Bakery shop. the man next to Jack is Chick Baines, who later in life was the timekeeper locally for most events. Back row left I think is Sam Shaw [holding the bottle] I think Bernard Peirpoint is also on the back row, but not sure. He married Jack’s sister Doris. The North Notts photos, 1968—Chick Baines holding the cyclist. 1974, Eddie Pitchford pushing the cyclist off, Jack Copeland, timekeeper and Chick Baines, assistant. Jack was a bit of a tyrant, before the time trial or race started he would check the bikes, fixed wheel machines were popular and Jack always looked to see if the back wheel had a locking ring for the sprocket. No locking ring, off you go lad!! I was a member of N.Notts first and then joined the Vics, there are still a lot of us about from the 50s. Some of the lads who started the N Notts club are still local, but 2 are living in Australia, Ron Jones and Pete Townroe. I dont relish the thought of riding on todays roads, the mountain bike is better off road, no polution etc. When the Aces had the Track night at Forest Town track I used to take my track bike and do a few standing starts, I went to the Grand Opening to see my idol, Reginald Hargreaves Harris, he failed to turn up because of some hitch, but he did appear at a later date which I missed. He was a fine figure on his Raleigh Record Ace.

    By Tom Shead (09/12/2009)

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