Famous Stags Games

Covers of my old programs from two great Stags games. Note the score of the West Ham game written after the team names. No date on the West Ham one but it was the 1968-69 season.

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  • Yes that WHU “programme” was a fake. I got caught buying similar in subsequent match against Leicester City, which I chucked away in disgust. I recall Stan Searl saying that Billy Bond’s performance that night was the worst he’d seen by a professional footballer. Someone told Bonzo, who later dedicated his autobiography to Stanley!
    I told this story to Adrian Childs on BBC 5 Live a few years back.

    By Andrew David Stafford (07/01/2022)
  • When drawn against Mansfield Town, Bobby Moore when interviewed said, “Where’s Mansfield?” By the time they left he certainly knew!

    By Ken Clements (30/06/2019)
  • The West Ham programme you are showing is not the clubs official one. This was a “pirate” programme issued by people wanting to make a few pounds on the back of an FA Cup game. There is very little info of the Stags or West Ham in there. A pirate version was also issued for the Leicester City quarter final played the week after 

    By Bob Holloway (12/09/2014)
  • Harry you are right about the official programme being called The Stag. I went to every game in both cup runs and I have all the programmes in my small collection of Mansfield Town programmes from 1960-1980 classic cup and league games.

    By Pete Higgins (23/10/2013)
  • Greg You are correct but it says,’Souvenir Programme’ on the cover. Not sure how I got it after all this time, I was only 13 when I went to the game. The official programme is the blue ‘The Stag’ version which you can see for sale on a few web sites.

    By Harry Livingstone (26/04/2012)
  • Regarding the West Ham match. Surely an official programme would get the name of the home team correct i.e. “Mansfield Town” not “Mansfield”?

    By Greg Collard (24/04/2012)

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