The Mansfield Bicycle Club

Most cycling clubs claim a long history but Mansfield must have one of the earliest.

I have a book titled, BICYCLING, 1874, A David and Charles reprint, which shows “THE MANSFIELD BICYCLE CLUB”, the meetings were held at the Nags Head, Westgate. The hon sec. was C R Hoare, esq,  J Edmunds, esq. treasurer, W G Jackson, esq. Captain!! and F Sargent esq. sub Captain. The book shows only 20 registered clubs in England.

This is the time of the Penny Farthing Cycle and there are tourist routes included in the book, it states the road from Nottingham to Mansfield is good but afterwards to Doncaster, poor. Dorny Hill and Cuckney Hill in Warsop presenting problems. In the Old Warsop book it states, the top of Dorny Hill was taken off and Cottages at the side of the road had to have steps built to the front door, the cellar being at floor level after the top of the hill was removed.

Mail Coaches etc had extreme difficulties because of the sandy road.

They had racing competitions in 1874 for speed and endurance.

I found the following extracts of 1899 from the Mansfield Reporter, which states

‘The Portland Cycle Co of Victoria St, has commenced production and expects to make 500 cycles/week in the near future. Allen and Swift’s ORIENTAL CAFE has opened and 200 cycles can be stored for customers. John Shaw, Antiques Dealer whilst riding down Peafield Lane, his cycle forks broke and he was killed. Mansfield Post Office have received 2 bikes. Hope this is of interest.

By Tom Shead (04/01/2010)

See ‘Mansfield in the News 1897-1899 by David Bradbury’ for the newspaper references.

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  • Snippet from David Bradbury’s book, Mansfield in Pictures! Stephen Simpson and Son, Albert Works, Bridge St, Mansfield. Makers of the DEFIANCE cycle, Penny farthing, the bicycle for 1877. This is earlier than the Portland Cycles of Victoria St of 1899.

    By Tom Shead (26/05/2012)
  • I am in possession of a MVCC silver medal that was my grandads ( Orlando Lister ). It is dated 1927 an reads Open Hill Climb. I am interested in any history anyone may have regarding this or my grandad.

    By Kevin Barley (17/06/2011)

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