Unkown Cricket team

This photo is of an unknown cricket team. The only person in this photo I know is my Dad who is on the far right in the umpires smock. I dont know when it was taken or where. It is possible it was taken on Berry Hill Park but it am not sure.

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  • Quite a lot of the photos on this site are in reverse…. this is one of those that is flipped (left to right). Look how the shirts button up. So it could easily be Berry Hill

    By Mog (27/04/2020)
  • My father Ken Clifford worked at Pye’s from th end of the war to retirement and I don’t recall there ever having been any mention of a cricket team.

    By Mike Clifford (17/07/2013)
  • Addition to previous comment. Having thought the picture above could possibly be from H. Pye’s Garage. ( And Clarence, before Landers, working at Pye’s)…I feel sure that the gentleman kneeling closest to Clarence, is also on the other mystery photographs from Pye’s. I don’t know if H. Pye’s Garage had a cricket team…alan

    By alan curtis (23/07/2012)
  • Peter….The photograph is definitely not Landers in the 1950’s. I used to play for them then…Brian may well be right in saying it could be Mansfield Post Office team..I do recognize some of the team, so I could have played against them.

    By alan curtis (21/07/2012)
  • I think it is Mansfield post office team I used to go and watch my father play for them in the late 50s and early 60s on Berry Hill

    By Brian Reece (20/07/2012)
  • Could this be a Landers Cricket team, late 50s early 60s?

    By Pete Stevens (07/05/2011)
  • With the style of the houses in the back ground, it looks quite like the bottom of Berry Hill road where the spider park is, except that its in reverse, I wonder if the photogragh has been developed back to front.

    By Simon Leivers (16/03/2011)

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