Unkown Cricket team

This photo is of an unknown cricket team. The only person in this photo I know is my Dad who is on the far right in the umpires smock. I dont know when it was taken or where. It is possible it was taken on Berry Hill Park but it am not sure.

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  • My father Ken Clifford worked at Pye’s from th end of the war to retirement and I don’t recall there ever having been any mention of a cricket team.

    By Mike Clifford (17/07/2013)
  • Addition to previous comment. Having thought the picture above could possibly be from H. Pye’s Garage. ( And Clarence, before Landers, working at Pye’s)…I feel sure that the gentleman kneeling closest to Clarence, is also on the other mystery photographs from Pye’s. I don’t know if H. Pye’s Garage had a cricket team…alan

    By alan curtis (23/07/2012)
  • Peter….The photograph is definitely not Landers in the 1950’s. I used to play for them then…Brian may well be right in saying it could be Mansfield Post Office team..I do recognize some of the team, so I could have played against them.

    By alan curtis (21/07/2012)
  • I think it is Mansfield post office team I used to go and watch my father play for them in the late 50s and early 60s on Berry Hill

    By Brian Reece (20/07/2012)
  • Could this be a Landers Cricket team, late 50s early 60s?

    By Pete Stevens (07/05/2011)
  • With the style of the houses in the back ground, it looks quite like the bottom of Berry Hill road where the spider park is, except that its in reverse, I wonder if the photogragh has been developed back to front.

    By Simon Leivers (16/03/2011)

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