Meadow Foundry

Written on the back of this snapshot photo is:-

Meadow Foundry Football Team

Does anyone know who they are? When it was taken, or anymore about this football team?

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  • My cousin, Bob Brown was managing director at Meadow. Allan Barham has written a small book about his days there too. Cousin Bob had trials for Nottingham Forest in his youth.

    By Stuart James Shead (02/12/2022)
  • I was a secretary at Meadow Foundry in the late ’60’s but I don’t remember the football team. My brother David Gant worked there and was actually the Apprentice of the Year at one point, not sure if he was in any football team and can’t ask him now because he passed three years ago.

    By Christine Gant (25/09/2014)
  • Told by a friend of these pages,great.I played for Meadow Foundry early 70’s and saw a photo on their site of our team. Fond memories of High Oakham, Mansfield Palais and many friends from Rainworth/Blidworth, cinemas and welfare dances on saturday nights. Also played for Rainworth Villa FC in the early 70’s on Saturdays, run by Roy Wilkinson.I could write for ever! Ron Brown

    By Ron Brown (15/10/2013)
  • I went to work at Meadow from school at 1963 and do not recognise any of these guys so are probably pre sixties if this is any help. If you do get any names could you let me know , they might be younger versions of the old guys I used to work with, but when you are only 15 everyone is an ‘old guy’ and this bunch were much cleaner than when they would have been on the shop floor, so I could be mistaken !!

    By Anthony Homes (30/06/2011)

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