Ken Wagstaff

Everyone who supports a football team has a favourite player.
But who is the greatest player for the Stags, well I suppose it all depends on who you have seen play.
In the last ten years lots of people would vote for Liam Lawrence, in the mid 30th Teddy Harston’s scoring record of 81 goals, seven in one game, in just two seasons would get him plenty of votes
Before that Harry Johnson and Chris Staniforth would all be in contention.
In the promotion seasons in the mid 70 long serving Sandy Pate and Rod Arnold along with the goal scoring partnership of Terry Eccles and Ray Clarke would have admirers.
But surely the greatest player to don a Stags shirt is Ken Wagstaff the scorer of 93 goals for the Stags in the early to mid 1960’s and umpteen for Hull City , where he ended his career.
Starting his career as a 17 year old “Waggy” was the forward that the word quick was invented for, quick of foot, quick of thought, add to that perfect balance, strength and a touch of arrogance and you had the ingredients for the perfect striker.
Having seen many of the Stags greats at Field Mill Ken Wagstaff is, in my mind, the greatest player to don that shirt.
What about you?

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  • Its great reading names I had forgotten, but Ken Wagstaff and Hollins I have never forgot. I used to go with my dad for home games and reserves when they were away. Oh and my cup of oxo.

    By margaret egan.was Boden (12/05/2019)
  • Waggy is not just the best player Mansfield have ever had but one of the best England have ever had. If Raich Carter had have alllowed him to join Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United or the then highly successful Nottingham Forest he would have gone on to player for his country.

    The Forest side of the mid 60’s was potentially better than the later European Cup winning team. The signing of Waggy in 1965 would have ensured them the Division 1 title in 1967.  What a pity Ken didn’t have an agent when he was at Field Mill!

    Waggy Fan

    By John Wilson (13/06/2015)
  • Hey Ted, I was there mate in the North Stand, what a great match  and the atmosphere  was electric, you know mate over 40 years on  we  still talk about it. Been in Aus since 1970 still follow the Stags, if they go up this coming season I will be back to see a few games.   Gary


    By Gary Noble (09/06/2015)
  • West Ham were not played off the park that night. They actually played very well, especially Bobby Moore. But every time the Stags got near goal they scored. The Hammers played well but the Stags played better. A brilliant night never to be bettered! Anyone who saw Waggy regularly knows who the best ever Stags player is. A chubby lad from Clowne.


    By Ted Wilson (02/06/2015)
  • Quite a good side back then. Would love to see the club back to that level again

    By John hurst (17/03/2014)
  • I think the game was cancelled 5 times due to the weather? I remember when the draw was made Bobby Moore made a comment saying , where’s Mansfield?

    By Steve in spain (14/12/2013)
  • I was in the North Stand that unbelievable night. West Ham were played off the park. We went to the Eight Bells after the game but didn’t have a drink. We just sat on the stairs in disbelief at what we had just witnessed at our beloved Field Mill. Unfortunately the Stags didn’t get the recognition from the national press they deserved for that performance.

    By Pete Higgins (14/12/2013)
  • An awesome night was in the Quarry Lane end, it was a Wednesday night – brill game, Nick Sharkey scored a belter into the Quarry Lane end. John Quigley ran them ragged. Went to the Palais after the match and told the DJ he announced the result, nobody could believe it their was a great cheer. Brilliant night.

    By John Hurst (12/12/2013)
  • I have seen some great teams at Field Mill from 1960s to mid 70s. My best team would be Rod Arnold, Sandy Pate, Clive Walker, Peter Morris, Stuart Boam, Kevin Bird, Stuart Brace, Paul Mathews, Ray Clarke, Frank Wignall, Tommy Knox Subs Hollins, Mick Saxby, Dave Syrett, Longhorn, Dick Edwards, Jimmy Goodfellow. The best on loan player Duncan Mckenzie.

    By Steve in spain (05/12/2013)
  • I think the best ever manager at Mansfield was Dave Smith. Got the sack without an explanation. Peter Morris took his side up? I remember going to Leeds in the F.A. cup. We had a goal disallowed. I think it was Goodfellow who scored it, disallowed because the ref thought Dudley Roberts had fouled Jack Charlton?Went to Main Road I think 1976 league cup. Night match. Great night although we lost. Best night ever though against West Ham 1969 F.A.cup won 3-0 against Moore, Peters, Hurst, Redknapp.

    By Steve in spain (05/12/2013)
  • 1 Rod Arnold 2 Sandy Pate 3 Wilf Humble 4 Pete Morris 5 Stuart Boam 6 John mc Clelland 7 Tommy Mitchinson 8 Ken Wagstaffe 9 Ray Clarke 10 Gordon Hodgson 11 Mike Stringfellow. Subs Dave Hollins Dick Edwards Dennis Longhorn Kevin Bird Jim mc Caffrey John Quigley. Can’t believe I can’t find a place for Dick Edwards great player went to Aston villa for £30000 didn’t know there was that much money in the world back then. Tommy Knox Albert Scanlon Nick Sharkey Dudley Roberts all good players.

    By John hurst (01/11/2013)
  • Would more or less agree with that team Pete but would def have Stuart Boam in at centre back and maybe Dick Edwards and Denis Longhorn - that squad would be more than capable of 2 back to back promotions. John Hurst

    By John hurst (29/10/2013)
  • Reading the above comments reminded me of when living in Culcheth, and walking my two Jack Russell dogs on the village green. I came across Nick Barmby and his small son kicking a football to each other. His son who would have been only 3 years of age, was kicking the ball before it bounced and appeared to have all the skills that Nick possessed. We got talking and I mentioned Waggy going to Hull City from Mansfield Town and had he heard of him. “Heard of him”, came the reply, “At Hull, he’s a legend” So, from a favourite at Mansfield, he went on to become a legend at Hull City. This took place when Barmby went to Everton for a short period.

    By alan curtis (26/10/2013)
  • Its great to see some of the comments on this page about our favourite Stags players over the years. What about your favourite Stags team of all. My time at FIELD MILL was 1960 till 1980. So here is my team. 1. Rod Arnold, 2. Sandy Pate, 3. Wilf Humble, 4. Peter Morris, 5. John McClelland, 6. Kevin Bird, 7. Tommy Mitchinson, 8. Ken Wagstaff, 9. Ray Clarke, 10. Gordon Hodgson, 11. Mike Stringfellow. Subs would be Dave Hollins, Stuart Boam, Dick Edwards, Bill Curry, Dudley Roberts and Jimmy McCaffrey. Manager – Dave Smith. There are so many players to pick from, so lets have a bit of fun on this fantastic web site, and see your favourite teams.

    By Pete Higgins (23/10/2013)
  • You are right John Tommy Mitchinson was a very good player and he would be in my all time favourite Stags team. But my favourite player of all was Gordon Hodgson. He was a steal from Newcastle United and was probably the best midfield player in the lower leagues for a few seasons. He scored some great goals as well as creating many chances for his team mates in their two promotion years in the 70s.

    By Pete Higgins (23/07/2013)
  • What about Tommy M8itchinson great forward went to Aston villa in the mid sixties for £18000 which was a fortune back then was really disappointed when he left class act

    By John hurst (22/07/2013)
  • In 1958 I played for a team called Kirkby St. Thomas Youth Club in the Mansfield under 16 league. We went away to Langwith Woodland Imps and got thrashed 15-1. A certain young man by the name of Ken Wagstaff scored eight. I was supposed to mark him and all I saw was his backside. What a player! He became certainly the best player ever seen in a Mansfield Town shirt. He should have played for England, but the reason he never did is another story.

    By Dave Lee (05/05/2011)
  • I too remember “waggy” from my early visits in the ’60s as a young lad along with such players as Colin Treaharne, Colin Toon, Wilf Humble, David Coates, John Gill, Brian Phillips, Peter Morris, Colin Askey, Ray Straw, Roy Chapman, Sammy Chapman etc; your first photo I also remember as I was in the crowd but standing on what was called the poplar side where the players used to come out of the tunnel. In the early years the dressing rooms were on Quarry Lane and the players used to come out from corner of Quarry Lane, with the “Hurst Park ” stand being put up, as the years went on the poplar side became the “Hurst Park stand” but still with the terrace standing in front of then the new stand, many happy years and memories ,formations were simple 2-3-5 (not like today)and players wages then and now no comment!! Happy days at Field Mill together with relegation and promation and in later years a trip to the the old Wembly ground,lets hope the stags can their get their football status back asap

    By g.burton(former wudus lad) (18/03/2011)
  • A name missed here Peter Morris

    By p tucker (29/11/2010)
  • I used to live on Church Street at Langwith where Waggy was brought up with his granny. We had the old outside toilets which we used as goals when we played football. Waggy was recruited from our local side Woodland Imps by Raich Carter

    By david hall (28/05/2010)

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