SJAB (St Johns Ambulance Brigade) Area Review

These images record what was obviously a large event, but the location and the names of the people involved are not identified. One of the long shots shows both men and ladies/girls preparing for a parade, but the formal presentations seem to be just for the men.

Where was it?

CHAD M4532-34
CHAD M4532-33
CHAD M 4532-32
CHAD M4532-12
CHAD M4532-13
CHAD M4532-15
CHAD M4532-17
CHAD M4532-18
CHAD M4532-19
CHAD M4532-22
CHAD M4532-23
CHAD M4532-24
CHAD M4532-26
CHAD M4532-28

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  • Photo 23 on left hand side is Aubrey Musson. Superintendent Rufford Colliery Division. Photo number 15 is Roy Bradbury Area Commissioner, he is stood in the centre accompanying the the man who is inspecting the brigade.

    By Pam Chadwick (28/05/2022)
  • This is the annual review of the St John , it is on the Edwinstowe cricket field . We all came together for this review and it was the local St. John divisions.

    By Pam Chadwick (27/05/2022)
  • i agree with tracey watters 110% sure

    By darren martin (19/10/2012)
  • It is Edwinstowe as in the 7th picture I am being spoken to.

    By ARTHUR WRIGHT (21/03/2012)
  • It looks like the cricket ground on 4th Avenue, Edwinstowe, next to King Edwin Primary School. 100% sure

    By tracy watters (12/02/2012)
  • Don’t know what the event is but I’m 99% sure it’s Edwinstowe, the playing fields near 4th, 5th & 6th Avenue.

    By Berisford Jones (24/07/2011)

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