SJAB (St Johns Ambulance Brigade) Area Review

These images record what was obviously a large event, but the location and the names of the people involved are not identified. One of the long shots shows both men and ladies/girls preparing for a parade, but the formal presentations seem to be just for the men.

Where was it?

CHAD M4532-34
CHAD M4532-33
CHAD M 4532-32
CHAD M4532-12
CHAD M4532-13
CHAD M4532-15
CHAD M4532-17
CHAD M4532-18
CHAD M4532-19
CHAD M4532-22
CHAD M4532-23
CHAD M4532-24
CHAD M4532-26
CHAD M4532-28

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  • i agree with tracey watters 110% sure

    By darren martin (19/10/2012)
  • It is Edwinstowe as in the 7th picture I am being spoken to.

    By ARTHUR WRIGHT (21/03/2012)
  • It looks like the cricket ground on 4th Avenue, Edwinstowe, next to King Edwin Primary School. 100% sure

    By tracy watters (12/02/2012)
  • Don’t know what the event is but I’m 99% sure it’s Edwinstowe, the playing fields near 4th, 5th & 6th Avenue.

    By Berisford Jones (24/07/2011)

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