Forest Town Mystery

The boarded up shop on Clipstone Road West, Forest Town has been many things over the past 100 years, and the most recent was a café. However for some weeks now activity has been taking place during the day time, the place has been gutted and a man on a machine has been digging out the floor/foundations. It is then boarded up as can be seen in the photo. There have been various suggestions as to what the premises are going to be, BUT really it is a mystery which hopefully one day will be revealed.

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  • I grew up living in Stanley Road, Forest Town, I think that shop belonged to the Robey family, and it sold ladies fashions and haberdashery. The Robey’s owned a large house halfway down Stanley Road, they were an elegant middle aged couple (circa 1960s) and very polite and welcoming regarding the running of their shop. In truth I was more interested in buying sweets from Cook’s, the kind that were housed in jars and came in a paper bag. In those days 60s/70s the shops in Forest Town were thriving.

    By Kevin Harriman (25/06/2021)
  • I asked the workmen on the site and it seems it’s going to be a sit in pizzeria and belongs to the same people who have the pizza outlet further down the road. Interesting too that the former insurance office next to the chippy is being converted into two premesis, a retail electrical shop (already up and running) and a cafe. The post office building is currently being refurbished and is to be a Turkish barbers.

    All change at Forest Town it seems !

    By Allan Barham (27/11/2017)
  • Three weeks on from taking the photo and it still looks the same - the mystery is no nearer being solved.

    By Pauline Marples (22/11/2017)
  • I have seen this in passing, with daylight visible the other side, could there be a possibility of this being an access created to a development at the rear of these premises? Or failing that, structural problems, failed floor leading to the building being gutted at this level??

    By John (02/11/2017)

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