Mystery Aerial View

While the date of this picture is unknown, handwritten names on the photo may give a clue also to where it is. On the right a building is marked Linneys. Bottom right it says Garage. Bottom middle is Stables, Bottom left appears to say Scholl —p. On the original surround to the photo but not on this scan, it says Nellie Shop on the bottom left corner.

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  • I lived on Arthur Street and I used to play soccer with boys on Sundays on the school field and the area marked the stables were allotments with a hedge not a fence, the other side of the bridge there was also allotments and ran all the way to Rainers field. During the early fifties men used to hold a tossing ring under the bridge and have guards watching for the police. Sometimes you’d see a man lose a weeks wages on Friday. The shop called Nellie’s was next to Newgate  Lane Infants school her surname was Hetton (not sure of spelling)

    By Michael T Prosser (14/04/2016)
  • My Uncle Alf and Auntie Ada Middleton used to live in one of the terraced houses on Gladstone Street.  Sometimes there was a pony in the paddock behind the house; when I was 6 years old or so I would climb on the roof of the toilet at the bottom of the garden, wait for the pony to go by and try to jump onto its back..

    By Bev Reaney (12/10/2015)
  • The photo shows Gladstone Street (with the terraces) and its junction with Sandy Lane. The building marked Linneys is where the care home is now, next to the Chad office building.

    By Darren Turner (13/03/2015)

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