The Flying Scotsman

These are two photographs from the Museums Chad Negative Collection were taken in 1983. Does anyone recall the Flying Scotsman steaming through Mansfield?

Chad T2164-05
Chad T2164-09

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  • My Father in Law, Doug Cullen, was an engine driver based at Colwick Depot.
    He picked up The Flying Scotsman at Nottingham Victoria at 0800 and drove in to Southampton arriving at 12.17. Alan Pegler, the owner travelled with him on the footplate. It was a ‘Special’ organised by the Gainsborough Model Railway Society and Mr Pegler was also the president of it at the time. He drove the train back leaving Southampton Central at 18.10 and was relieved at Trent Junction at 23.13. The train travelled on to Lincoln Central arriving at 01.35 the next morning.

    By Clive Hallam (28/08/2023)
  • I was 5 in 1965 and clearly remember it being at Gainsborough, and we were even allowed on the train

    By shay b (07/02/2023)
  • I remember Flying Scotsman at Shirebrook about 1970. It stopped at Shirebrook West for water kindly pumped on by the Fire Service. Probably mid summer as we were playing football on Langwith Road school fields. I believe it was a mystery tour.

    By gregory paul zielinski (31/12/2022)
  • Thanks for the info Vic Smith I remembered making a late night visit to Mansfield station in the early 1960s, it must have been 63 and not 62 I’d have been 15 not 14. Imagine my surprise to see this great engine needing a helping hand from a lowly Kirkby in Ashfield (16B) 4F.

    By Peter Bowler (27/07/2013)
  • I have the date as 18 May 1963, when a Kirkby 4F pilot was provided between Pye Bridge and Mansfield. 4472 Flying Scotsman was returning with the Gainsborough Model Railway Society’s “Isle of Wight” special, hauling 11 coaches and an ex-Devon Belle observation car on the rear. Flying Scotsman did not visit Mansfield in 1971, as it was on the ill fated tour of the USA from 1969 to 1972.

    By Vic Smith, York. (26/07/2013)
  • You remember correctly Ken, Alan Peglar was on the footplate on the morning of the 11th September 1965. It was a Gainsborough Model Railway Society trip to London (Kensington). due in Mansfield about 9.30a.m. to stop and take on water. Enthusiasts started gathering well before 8 and by the time 4472 arrived there were at least a couple of hundred. Trouble started to brew ’cause vantage points were few seeing as BR wouldn’t let ’em in, the station was locked/closed. However, as the train pulled in the few staff were overwhelmed by the younger and fitter members in the crowd climbing over the fence and gates, thus they relented and opened up, everyone, including Alan Peglar were then happy. I think it also called about 15 minutes earlier at Shirebrook West too.

    By Berisford Jones (19/12/2012)
  • I rember Flying Scotsman visiting Mansfield in 1962. It was very late at night between 11 or 12pm. I was only 14 at the time and my parents let me cycle to the station to see it. She stopped in the station I think to take on water. There was a Midland Fowler 4F coupled to the front of Scotsman, she probably came up the long incline from Pye Bridge to join the Mansfield line at Kirkby in Ashfield and needed a bit of assistance. There were about half a dozen people to see her but the following Thursday the Chad reported no one had turned up. The reporter probably couldn’t be bothered to turn out at that time of night, who could blame him.

    By Peter Bowler.p (17/12/2012)
  • The Flying Scotsman made a Flying visit through Mansfield in 1971, stopping only to fill up with water at Mansfield Station.

    By alan curtis (24/11/2012)
  • I don’t remember a visit in ’83 as I left Mansfield in ’69 but I do recall an earlier Scotsman run in either ’65 or ’66 With Mr Peglar waving from the footplate.

    By Ken Harrington (22/11/2012)

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